Ab Exercises Pregnancy

Ab Exercises Pregnancy



Silicon provides an insulating surface around the individual nerve fibres, thereby protecting the nervous system, especially during stress.


Silicon is vital for proper calcium metabolism, preventing the accumulation of inorganic calcium around the bone joints. Silicon crystals can break up the common uric acid crystals that result from excess protein, meat, caffeine and tea intake, to mention a few. The uric acid crystals are then small enough to be eliminated, otherwise they tend to build around the bones and moving joints, leading to the development of arthritis. The combination of the rich silicon content and fluoride in lettuce makes it one of the best foods to eat regularly to offset the common arthritis.

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Silicon is vital for efficient cell growth, especially for hair growth and for the removal of dead skin cells. It promotes a healthy skin condition by opening pores and skin to allow toxins and grime to be discharged. It also promotes the formation of healthy red blood cells and blood circulation. For those men concerned with the possibility of baldness for hereditary reasons, extra silicon-rich foods will help to cleanse the scalp and keep the skin cells open, allowing hair follicles to grow. As silicon is the major mineral in the building of hair, lettuce is really the best hair tonic as it is rich in both silicon and chlorophyll, vital ingredients for hair growth. For women, silicon foods will promote a clear skin and the hair quality that you dream about, as long as the diet is natural.

Silicon also protects against nervous exhaustion, mental fatigue, cancerous tissue formation and infections.

NOTE: All amounts in this blog are measured in milligrams (mg) per 100 grams, unless stated otherwise.

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