Absenteeism Premature retirement Premature death Health care costs

Stress is an inevitable part of our existence. Everything in our environment can be a potential source of stress but ultimately stress comes from within you; it is a result of how you perceive the situations and events in your environment. The way you perceive these situations depends to a great extent on your beliefs and attitudes. Some people have beliefs that lead them to perceive situations as threatening and challenging when in fact no real threat or challenge exists. As a result these people, called Type As, generate unnecessary stress for themselves. This stress can be avoided by modifying beliefs and habits. On the other hand some events during our lives will almost certainly be stressful. These are referred to as ‹“life events': they are mostly unavoidable and we have to adapt or readjust our lives to cope with them.

We are most likely to experience stress in our relationships with others, particularly at work and at home. Much of this stress is associated with threats and challenges to our self-esteem and self-image, the security and stability of our jobs and family relationships.

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