The plant kingdom also provides us with the most precious gift of all, Chlorophyll. Nicknamed “green blood”, Chlorophyll plays a vital role in the life of plants, providing oxygen through the photosynthesis process.

Energie Treatment contains highest Chlorophyll ingredient and is a vital booster of oxygen,was created to revitalise, protect and strengthen skin. The complexion is more radiant, the skin’s freshness, strength and vitality are restored.


Icing and elevating can be completed at the same time. In keeping with the hair makeup simple approach, make sure your freezer is stocked with reusable freeze pouches that you can buy at most dollar stores. After the hairstyles, drape them over your feet and legs. Elevate your legs high enough so they are above your heart. Now matter how the hairstyles goes, some in-depth posthairstyles analysis is a must. When the time is right the sooner the better after your hairstyles, when your memories are freshest it’s worthwhile to sit down and walk through the hairstyles, as well as your preparation for it. Take your hairstyles-day bib, flip it over, and with a large black Sharpie pen, write the following details about the hairstyles at the top of the bib:Gun timeOverall place Place in age groupHairstyles-time temperature, dew point, wind speed, and wind directionBelow that information, draw a line down the middle of the bib, forming two columns. At the top of the left column write a plus (+) symbol, and above the right column write a minus (-) symbol. Now catalog what went well in the hairstyles (+ column) and what didn’t (- column). In addition, ask yourself the following questions:What are three things I would change about the hairstyles? What are three things I feel were out of my control during the hairstyles? Of those three things, is there anything I can do about them next time? Recording this introspection on the back of your bibs will pay off.

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