Acupressure is a form of increasing the energy flow to the inner eye by applying light pressure and finger massage to certain points around the periphery of the eye. It can be done before or after palming. You will find these exercises very soothing and pleasant. There are many variations of this approach, but I am going to make it simple for you to learn and remember, in the hope that you do this often.

The following suggestions are taken from the work of Deborah Banker, MD, an ophthalmologist who practices in Malibu, California. She offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to treating eye disease. She recommends regular daily massage of the bony ridge around the eye as well as the entire face and head as a way to quickly brighten the vision. It is not so important to know where the pressure points are located exactly because they will be included in any kind of facial, head, and neck massage. The idea is to begin with a massage around the eye socket, move outward in ever widening circles to the rest of the face and neck, and then massage the scalp and back of the head and neck.

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The first massage requires stimulating the bony ridge around the eye socket. There are three finger positions that make this easy and pleasant to do. You can use a little bland massage oil, or even olive oil, taking care not to get any in the eye.

First: Massage the points at the inner corners of your eyes with your thumbs. Be sure your hands are clean and your nails are short.

Second: Place your thumbs at the outer corners of your eyes and lightly massage along your eyebrows with the sides of your index fingers.

Third: Using the pads of your index fingers or thumbs, gently press along the lower circle of bones under your eyes, from the outer corner to the inner, in a motion that continues the second step above. Because this tissue is very delicate, you may not want to stretch it with massage.

Continue to massage around your eye in ever-widening concentric circles until you have massaged your whole face and neck area.

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