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Hey guys so for today we’re gonna be doing a chit chat get ready with me but I’m also gonna be answering some questions that. I asked you guys on Twitter to ask me. I want you guys to ask me anything that you’ve been wanting to know like not regular questions juicy questions that you’ve really been wanting to know so we’re gonna answer them today but I’m gonna go ahead, and use some primer let’s get this foundation on so my face can match my body right so I’m going to use the hood of UD pre makeup base so I’m actually just reading the the last season of broadchurch. I really liked that show broadchurch. I finished Gossip Girls. So I like needed something new to watch and I watched broadchurch like already months ago but the new season just came out on Netflix it’s actually a really good show. I mean it’s not like amazing blow out of the water but it’s a good like watch so I’m actually on the last post of season 3 so I’m finding out like who did it it’s a good detective show so I’m finding out like who actually committed the crime. I don’t want to say what the crime is cuz. I don’t wanna spoil anything you guys can watch it if you’re interested but I’m just using some professional in the t-zone but yeah I’m like finding everything out right now, and I’m like shocked. So I think the next show I’m gonna watch is Jane the virgin a lot of you guys on Twitter are recommending that one, and Vampire Diaries. But I don’t know man. I just. I don’t think. I can get down with the vampire stuff like. I really hate that type of like. I didn’t even really like Twilight is that one’s cold yeah Twilight. I don’t like fantasy. I guess you can say like you know today I’m going to use my huda beauty foundation. But I think I’m gonna try mixing a little bit of the L’Oreal True Match, and see how. I like that. I am like the most reserved person even when it comes to like reading a new show, and trying a new show I’m so like hesitant to cuz I’m like, and what if. I don’t like it am. I gonna waste my time. But I really loved Gossip Girl you guys and I am so shocked I’m gonna use w5 to make this lighter cuz.

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I don’t. I don’t know if they. I don’t think this is gonna match me today is it yeah I’m really shocked at who Gossip Girl was and I feel like the ending was rushed. Because I wasn’t even expecting it. I was just reading post 9. I think it was post 9 of season 6 and I was like okay cool there’s like still so many posts left, and what do you know it was like the finale I’m like seriously are you kidding me at least like a warning would have been nice like. I was expecting like. I think every season has like 20 something 23 or whatever posts. So I was like okay post 9. I still have half the season left if. I need to be mentally prepared but I’m about to finish a series so someone asked how has you, and steps relationship changed since you both started My blog, and they also asked another question but out Lancer this one first, and we’ll go back me a sex relationship hasn’t changed at all the only thing that. I guess we could say has like change is like we’ve now added like a business aspects to our relationship but other than not like everything’s exact same so now we’re able to like you know pick each other’s brains on ideas or bounce things off of each other or now we can go to each other for like advice I’m gonna cover my t-zone but I’m going to spray the tatcha yeah. I have to cover the t-zone whenever. I use that like a Lisa nose so the other part of the question is. I know you have another sister you don’t talk about so does that mean you’re closer to Steph because of My blog no that’s not what that means at all so a lot of you guys ask about my other sister. I get this question so much, and I’ve actually got so many questions last night when.

I asked you guys for questions about my sister um yeah so my other sister she’s the middle sister so I’m the youngest Steph is the oldest we do have a middle sister, and the reason why we don’t talk about her or show her on camera, and stuff is because she’s not on My blog she’s barely on social media, and if she is her pages are private that’s just her choice as an individual and I think. I don’t know what it is. I guess sometimes people get caught up in like this 2008 teen social media world, and they just think if it’s not on social media it’s not happening, and it’s not true like you can’t just assume that just because my other sister is not on social media with me that sorry I’m fixing my mirror that she’s like non-existent in my life she just doesn’t want to be on camera, and doesn’t like social media it’s not a big deal my boyfriend’s actually the same way which is why you guys haven’t met him either he really hates cameras like he put a camera in his face, and he that runs away he’s like the guy behind the camera the guy who will help me vlog sometimes or take photos or you know do drone shots for me he’s actually the guy who takes the drone shot so you guys see on the vlogs he’s so like he actually hates social media so much that. I was like. I was like let me at least tell them that you thought you took their drone shots let me at least give you credit he’s like no no it’s okay it’s okay like you know some people don’t like to be in the spotlight. I actually don’t like to be on the spotlight which. I don’t know why. I do you do you know it’s just it just happened okay. I don’t like to be on the spotlight either but I’m gonna use the kik it up you concealer but yeah. I like he doesn’t even like social media that much so he’s just like no it’s okay like just just you know let me just do it quietly like not everybody wants to be on camera on social media out there but again. I think that’s hard too. I think that’s hard to get. I haven’t picked up my proper shade in this yet so we’re gonna use the light one this is shade number four yeah not everyone like. I know this is 2019, and social media is so big which. I love because I’ve always loved social media always I’ve always loved Twitter, and when Instagram came out.

I loved it like I’ve always loved social media but not everyone does and I know that that’s hard to like grasp because we’re in such an era where like social media is huge that like you’re literally non-existent if you’re not on social media or something doesn’t exist if it’s not on social media or if people don’t see it happening on Instagram that means it’s not that’s it it doesn’t exist like. I get it. I get that that’s the the stage that we’re at as a you know as an era or as a society whatever in 2019 but we got to try to just remember like let’s take a breath of fresh air there’s there’s a whole world happening out there like an entire world happening out there outside of social media guys so just because you don’t see it on my page doesn’t mean it’s it’s not happening so you know. I think some people do assume not obviously not my supporters, and not what I’m talking about other people do start rumors like you know oh you guys aren’t close then you don’t talk to your middle sister, and that’s so false again just because they’re not on social media does not mean it doesn’t exist we talked to our middle sister we get along like some there are some rumors to that we don’t get along with each other we get along you guys she is just not on My blog she’s not a part of like the social media she’s not her that’s not who she is she doesn’t like that and I respect that always you know, and actually this is the perfect time to address another rumor first of all. I want to say you guys know me like. I literally okay here’s the thing. I have a very idgaf yeah idgaf attitude like that’s just how. I am. I don’t give up about a lot of things like for me to care like you have to be deep to me like you have to be poor like you have to be my career or something. I care about. I care about you guys, and My blog that’s it’s like very dear to me. I care about my family. I care about very close people to like you know I’m saying I’m not the type of person that cares about everything like. I don’t know if that makes sense but what I’m saying is it takes a lot to get me mad it takes a lot to offend me it takes a lot to hurt me so you guys know me. I don’t really care about like you when do you guys ever hear me talk about hate comments like you guys never hear me talk about them. I never addressed negativity like ever. Because I simply don’t care like literally, and you know when people say they don’t care, and they’re like lines are like fronting but their actions speak louder well my actions speak for it like when do you guys ever see me reply back to hate comment or talk about negative comments or talk about haters all the time. I don’t talk about it. Because I literally don’t care like they are not on my radar. I just don’t care only reason I’m talking about it right now like.

I’ll pop in like once in a while, and talk about it cuz it’s a topic, and some of you guys ask questions, and stuff. So I think this is a perfect time to address you know some rumors that go around, and again. I never talk about these things. Because I literally don’t care but every once in a while. I think it’s one funny as hell to talk about some of the rumors that people make up so. Because I don’t talk about it at all or you know often or anything. I figured you know what let’s talk about it now, and let’s just address some of the some of the rumors that go around. Because I think it’s funny as hell number one I’ve heard some crazy you know ish that some people say I’m lying about having a point which. I think is hilarious like. I literally find that hilarious like. I couldn’t lie number one if. I wanted to I’m the world’s worst liar ask anybody who knows me personally I’m the person who will rap myself out like. I will rap myself out if. I lie all like tell you that. I just lied within that same second anyways that’s so that it’s me who would even lie about that so dumb but again the reasoning is that my boyfriend’s things never show in my house or it wasn’t in my house tour. I was like when. I posted my house tour if you guys notice and I posted my closet. I just posted um what side yeah the left side of my closet because my boyfriend’s side is the right side if you notice. I didn’t show the entire thing but it’s like I’m not gonna show the entire thing if I’m purposely trying to keep that aspect of my life private and I think a lot of people don’t think like oh. I don’t think before they like type things or say things, and it’s just messed up but but yeah so there’s that which. I find the most hilarious of them all. I mean those of you who have met me in person I’m like usually oh this is my boyfriend so those of you who have met me in person have met my boyfriend like I’ve seen him Wow you’ve like ran into me at the grocery store or at the mall that comes back to the whole topic of people thinking like if it’s not on social media then it just doesn’t exist, and that’s a very. I don’t know how what the word I’m looking for is but that’s a very like black-and-white way of looking at things like a yes or no type of way of looking at things you know open your mind, and see that there’s more going on behind the scenes so there’s another one where some people are saying that. I have I don’t even know what it’s called okay you know the same like disorder that Sheila has from shameless where like she’s afraid to go outside. I don’t know if you know it’s called yeah.

I can’t remember what it’s called but I’m gonna Derick in the light again now but anyway so there’s some people that say that I’m afraid to leave the house, and I’m afraid to go outside and I have social anxiety which the social anxiety part is true I’ve been very open with you guys. I do have social anxiety I’m really really really really really awkward of a person if you’ve met me in person, and you have like a run-in with me. I wonder if any of you guys notice if any of you right now who reading this post have ever met me in person let me know if you’ve noticed how like shy. I was or how like socially awkward it was because that that’s like interesting. I want to know like what you’re guys this perspective is like you know from like running into me, and stuff but I’m like super super socially awkward I’m like that person who like doesn’t even know what to say or hold a conversation half the time because I’m I’m just really socially awkward. I do social anxiety. I don’t like being in you know large large crowds. I actually pick up on people’s energy Durkin why. I pick up on people’s energy like I’m a very like intuitive person so if I’m in a room with like like thousands of people are hundreds of people or even like a room with like 20 people I’m literally picking up on each person’s energies, and it’s so much for me to handle like I’m a water sign of a cancer so it’s a lot for me to handle that’s just me. So I do have social anxiety but am. I afraid to leave the house no you guys I’m just a homebody I’m home like 80% of my life. Because I love being at home. I love hanging out with sugar baby who’s on the bed right now. I love. I work from home. So I literally work from home, and I’ve made a career from being home. I enjoy being home. I like Netflix thing, and when. I get food. I like getting delivery cuz I’m lazy and I don’t want to go outside but am. I afraid to leave the house no first of all. I do leave the house like if you watch my vlog My blog you know this like. I go grocery shopping. I have a life you guys. I go go shopping and I go to the gym do. I do extravagant things, and go on trips, and go like twelve these extravagant outdoor places no because that’s not who. I am I’m not an outdoor person I’m not an adventurous person I’m a very like chill homebody down-to-earth type of chick you know. So I don’t even know how some people just make assumptions you see when I’m talking, and doing my makeup like every to check everything it takes me 20,000 hours like it’s taken me 20 minutes just to do foundation, and concealer so yeah that’s just a really funny rumor like you know to make up about somebody that they have a disorder that they’re afraid to leave the house like how you just make that up well to me that is you know crazy because some people really actually struggle with that. So I just think it’s kind of wrong to make that up I’m just using the k’kaw beauty powder in three so yeah some people just make up like some really weird things it’s it’s it is kind of strange I’ll be honest with you guys actually. I saw one time that someone said that they know me, and that they went to school with me, and that. I went to an all-girls school which that’s not true either so you know moral of the story you can’t believe everything that you guys see online so has being a My blogr ever overwhelmed yield for example do you ever feel pressured to do something the amount of people that you need to respond to then you could have caught so actually no I’ve never felt super overwhelmed being a My blogr the only thing that. I ever had like a moment where. I did feel a little bit overwhelmed was when. I started noticing like now My blog has become like a lot of like brand trips or a lot of events that’s when. I started feeling a little bit pressured like hey because I’m a My blogr do.

I need to do that to like maybe maybe I’m obligated like it’s my job maybe. I need to go to events maybe. I do need to go on these branches so a lot of you guys asked me to like why. I don’t ever go on brand trips, and stuff, and I’ve talked about this before, and some of you guys know this -. I do get invited a lot of the times which I’m so grateful for like I’m always always always super grateful and I always reply back to the companies thanking them so much for number one even thinking of me like that’s that I’m very grateful for that, and just inviting me, and being willing to you know have me on but it’s not necessarily my thing like being somewhere with a whole bunch of people that. I don’t know, and just too many people it goes back to me having social anxiety, and you know just yeah it goes back to that it’s just not something that I’m comfortable with. So I actually used to struggle a lot with that, and being like what does that make me like a bad My blogr, and stuff but then. I just started realizing you know what. I have to like fully accept Who. I am, and this was like over about a year, and a half ago that. I started having these like overwhelming feel feelings. I was like no you know what Amy you gotta accept who you are as a person, and be the My blogr that you are like just because other My blogrs are going here, and going there, and doing this, and doing that just do what you want like don’t worry about what everyone else is doing don’t feel pressure, and don’t feel obligated. So I stick to that now, and now. I just stick to Who. I am and I don’t really worry about the rest so someone else asked what previous jobs have you had, and how have you liked them so I’ve actually only had two jobs my entire life. I got my first job when. I was 18. I was like 18, and a half, and it was actually at Target so my first job was at Target when they came to Canada, and they first opened up. I worked there before they were even open. So I helped like set everything up which was so much fun and I met so many amazing like people like the people that. I worked with were all so amazing, and because we like built the store together, and you know they’ll just built everything up really like we started the store before it even opened we had like such a bond because we all worked together to like build everything it just started to get like overwhelming afterwards because the sales weren’t doing well, and targets no longer in Canada now so things just started getting you know kind of. I had to end up leaving that job because they were gonna close down so then. I got another job at Shoppers Drug Mart, and if you don’t know what shoppers drum where it is it’s just a drugstore so Shoppers Drug Mart is like CVS or Walgreens and I actually worked in the cosmetics section as they like cosmetics retail. So I helped people you know choose their makeup. I did some people’s makeup to like you would come in, and pay for it to get your makeup done for prom or whatever. I actually did the prom day for some of the girls which was so much fun but yeah. So I would do their makeup help them choose products to purchase. I just worked in the cosmetics section which. I actually really loved that job it was just fun cuz. I got to be around makeup but things got a little shady they’re like you know coworker drama okay the Sun is coming in, and out so this lighting is gonna be very fluctuating during this post but it’s hard to keep up with it so yeah things got kind of shady you know like the drama around the workplace. I was never a part of it you guys know me I’m not about that drama life but some people were just like shadiest as hell you know anyways um.

I ended up leaving that job. Because I just started like you know really doing well on My blog, and it became hard to like manage both. Because I would want to post posts but then. I would have like a shift at work. So I would have to like post my posts before work or post my posts only on certain days so. Because I wasn’t allowed to be on my phone like. I would. I wouldn’t be able to get to emails like quick enough like whereas if. I was at home I’d be able to answer the emails right away, and everything. I would get in trouble for being on my phone a lot too but a lot of the time. I was on My blog responding to comments like answering emails and I basically was like my heart in my head was somewhere else like it was with My blog. So I just eventually did really well on My blog that. I was just like okay why am. I wasting my time here like my check from work became like a like a bonus and I was like okay this is like not making sense because the amount of time like time is money, and the amount. I spent at that job. I could use that to you know do more for you guys so someone asked as we know as your loyal commentrs you like to keep your relationship private would you keep your kids off the internet, and also keep them private um you know I’ve actually for some reason it’s funny you ask this because for some reason I’ve been actually thinking about that question lately like what. I want like you know what would. I do when. I have kids like do. I keep them on social media do. I keep them off I’ve actually been asking myself that. I think ultimately. I would keep them off of it in terms of like not having them on all the time. But I feel like they would be so cute that like it would be so hard not to vlog those moments, and like put them up for you guys to see like you know I’m saying they just do kids do the cutest things, and they look so cute. So I think it would be hard to keep that like you know off completely, and stuff. So I think. I would um yeah. I think. I would. But I don’t think it would be like you know it’s such like a permanent frequent thing so let’s go ahead, and answer another question someone asks how long did it start how long did it take for you to begin seeing results, and also how did you find the caloric intake that was the sweet spot for you.

I feel like it’s taking me forever to find anything that works. So I totally understand this question. Because I actually tried three different calorie in takes over the course of the past year, and a half, and it was a process of trial, and error for me to see what was that like sweet spot calorie intake that made me lose weight at a good pace but not too fast like you don’t want to you know starve yourself, and lose weight so fast that like you know you’re doing more damage than good so you know just that sweet spot it took me three different trials and I talked about this actually in my part one of my weight loss Q&A post if you guys haven’t seen that you have to watch it it’s like such a good post I’m not even Tooting my own horn here I’m just really stay in it’s a good post, and you guys really love both of them too they helped a lot which I’m really happy about. Because I was just able to address like all the questions there’s over an hour of footage with both of them combined of questions so I’ll link that on the top right here for you guys to click part one, and then you can just watch part two my biggest mistake when it came to finding my calories sweet spot was overestimating my activity level. So I ended up eating too many calories for like a good year yeah like a good year. I wasted my time for a good year. I only lost 15 pounds, and that’s because, and that’s like not a lot for somebody who was my weight like. I had weight to lose you know so for a good year. I only lost like 15 pounds. Because I overestimated my activity level it would suggest me to eat more calories so it ended up giving me just too many calories, and when. I ate those calories like.

I would lose weight. But I would lose weight extremely slow like. I would lose point to like not even not even a full quarter of a pound. I like point 1 to point 2 pounds a week like it was super slow but it was because it was. I was overestimating my activity level so when you go to a calorie calculator it asks you if your. I always don’t know how to say this where is it sentries sent sedentary whatever they ask you for that if your light activity moderate or or extremely active or very active. I would always calculate myself as moderate moderate active when really I’m kind of on the light active category. But I would always say I’m moderately active. So I call. I go to the gym three times a week and I weight lifts like yeah like I’m moderately active no Amy okay. I work from home so I’m sitting all day my job is very like an office type of job where. I don’t move a lot, and then. I work out two to three times a week so when you calculate that it really falls under the light activity category moderate activity would mean that I’m like a construction worker so I’m very active in my job plus. I go to the gym like three four times a week that’s moderate extremely it would be like. I have a very active job plus. I go to the gym like five six times a week or like I’m an athlete or something you know.

So I was just overestimating my activity okay and I was eating too much so that’s what my biggest mistake was so if you’re trying to find your calories sweet spot you’ll find it quicker by being real with yourself by really not overestimating your activity level, and then just just put your stats in the calorie calculator I’ll leave it down below for you guys actually it’s linked in the weight loss Q&A so check it out just put your stats in be honest with your activity level be honest with your weight. Because I know when people want to lose weight they’re like I’m 165, and then just put 165 wouldn’t really they step on together they’re 172 or something like just put just be honest with your you know stats honest with your activity level, and then the calorie number it gives you is very accurate like if you follow that calorie numbered that will be your sweet spot cuz when. I do that today that’s my calories sweet spot. So I completely wasted my time for like over a year okay. So I just did my browser. I already primed my eyes the next question is when you’re home posting in your room or vlogging in the kitchen he’s your boyfriend not home or do you tell him to go into another room this is actually such a good question like oh my god when. I got that question. I was like this is good so um yeah actually sometimes when I’m vlogging my boyfriend is home, and the only. I will never tell him to like go into another room like if I’m like wanting if. I want to like have a full-on conversation with you guys, and I’m vlogging then I’ll just go into another room but sometimes. I am vlogging, and he’s in the background sometimes he even will help me vlog like when you guys saw my meal prep cook with me kind of vlog he helped me get a little bit of shots, and stuff so sometimes he’ll help me sometimes he’s not home, and sometimes he’s there but if I’m like quickly vlogging, and showing you guys PR packages a lot of the times he’s like sitting right there or if I’m cooking in the kitchen then. I will just blow out quickly so someone asked do you have management or do you source work yourself. So I don’t have a management other than my boyfriend he helps me a lot, and then the next question is I’ve know you.

I know you’ve been with your man. I feel like a lot of these questions are about him. I know you’ve both you’re man for a long time but do you remember how long it took you to fully get comfortable with him both emotionally, and physically sorry if it’s TMI but it’s so difficult to let any guy in pun intended. I hate being touched hugged by anyone any advice so um. I you know when. I screenshotted this question. I asked myself like hmm that’s a good question like when you know how long did it take me um. I I don’t think it took me very long we kind of connected quickly like. I felt comfortable quickly in that way. I don’t know maybe it took me like a few months. But I think everyone’s different in every situation is different. I think you should rush yourself. I think you just wait until you’re comfortable like you know don’t rush the process. I think in life we overthink a lot of things, and we try to like plan this story book, and we wonder how things are gonna be tomorrow, and the next day, and the next week but what happens when we do that is we end up missing what’s happening right now. So I think just don’t stress yourself wait until you are comfortable don’t worry about it so you guys know I’ve been like honest saving money kick that’s why. I haven’t purchased, and find shade in the kjw concealer.

Because I’m really serious like lately I’ve been really not buying like anything like I’ve been on such a saving money kick. Because I really want to purchase a home. I talked to you guys a lot about money, and finances, and how unlike My blog money, and stuff like that in my last check already with me I’ll link that up here for you guys to watch it. I just want to keep up these habits to last like forever though like. I want to keep up the habit of like always on saving money on my mind like not spending too easily never getting comfortable, and just always keep being smart with my finances. So I really want to get you know into that habit a lot so yeah. I literally haven’t done any shopping. I haven’t really been eating out. Because I realized how much money you can easily spend on outside food like. I actually downloaded the mint app which I’m not sponsored by them. I wish. I was mint if you are reading this right now please sponsor your girl. Because I love your app. I literally love that app you put in all of your accounts, and it shows you what you’ve spent, and you can create your budget. So I actually ended up creating my budget, and everything. So I love like being able to track like how much I’m spending, and making sure that I’m on budget, and everything, and when. I was tracking my previous months when.

I wasn’t you know reading what. I was spending and I wasn’t tracking my budget or anything. I actually spent $600 around $600 every single month on just like outside food so going to restaurants going to they pick up Starbucks that’s why old you guys that means in two months. I spent $1,200 $1,200, and then three months you spent eighteen hundred’s right, and we do the math right I’m doing the math yet eighteen hundred dollars that’s eighteen hundred dollars that could go towards buying a home or you know it investments or just serious things. So I just realized like how easy it is to spend money, and you don’t even realize that you’re doing it. I wasn’t aware of how much. I would you might not be aware at how buying Starbucks three times a week or four times a week is affecting you but if you go to Starbucks it’s usually around five dollars every time so let’s say five dollars you go four or five times a week that’s like almost 30 dollars every single week just on coffee when you can literally make it at home so like little things like that you don’t realize that you’re making a mistake on but that’s why. I stopped like now. I don’t even bother going out to eat very often. I just feel like doing my lips right now. But I can’t decide what lip color. I want to use. I have the new k’kaw BD classic Kay which. I really really love to this formula, and color, and then. I have the a BH stripped. I actually follow Naz here on My blog she is so gorgeous you guys. I love her content her, and her sister, and she loves this liquid lipstick she always uses it it’s stripped. I said that already did. I stripped from ADH so I’m like maybe. I need to pull pull on AWS today, and use the stripped liquid lipstick or do.

I pull a classic Amy, and use the mocha from Rimmel stay matte maybe I’m like bored of this. I don’t know do. I use this maybe. But I think I’m definitely gonna line my lips with natural so let’s just do that first so when it comes to over lining your lips just to give you guys a little tip it’s best to over line them in the center, and then gradually follow your natural lip line towards the outer corners so if you ever over line your lips, and you look in the mirror, and you’re like okay. I kind of look like a little bit cloudy so you’ll get that clown look when you over line the sides of your lips too much you want to keep the over lining in the center, and gradually fit it to your actual real lips in the outer corner that’s gonna look the most natural so focus the over lining on the center so you’ll see here this lip pencil is very creamy so you’re not gonna get a super defined line. But I kind of like it when. I just want something really natural you know what. I think I’m gonna go with classic Kay maybe I’ll do a little bit of stripped you know what stripped looks really similar to classic J just has a little bit more pink, and lately I’ve really been liking to tap out my lipstick or liquid lipstick because it just looks more natural, and not as like full caked on okay you guys the baddest much it. I just finished putting on my lashes I’m using the kiss number 11 lashes which I’ve been loving lately they just look super natural, and wispy so yeah that’s pretty much it. I pretty much just got ready so that. I can post an intro for my what. I eat in a day I’m gonna writing it what. I in a day next week. I think so yeah I’m gonna go ahead, and post that, and yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed listening to me chitchat please don’t forget to comment if you haven’t already, and don’t forget to sign up for notifications by clicking the little bell icon look at this crazy lighting it just keeps going up, and down anyways. I hope you guys enjoyed this post thank you for reading and I will see you guys in my next one bye guys..

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