Advertorial Artworks To Covet Baroque Garden

Cocoon Fine Rugs collaborated with couturier Varun Bahl to envision a grand collection of carpets.

In a first, Cocoon Fine Rugs has joined forces with another formidable force, fashion designer Varun Bahl to create the Baroque Garden line of regal rugs. Inspired by the sensual drama of the Baroque era, the series embraces lavish aristocracy and unapologetically rich designs. The six rugs display motifs like the exaggerated lambrequin, damasks and his signature floral designs, all blended with classic European elements and colours. Talking about his foray into home decor, Varun says, “Fashion for me has never been limited to clothing.

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As a designer, I found this to be a great opportunity and outlet to express myself. ” It took Ayush Choudhary, MD & Creative Director, Cocoon Fine Rugs and Varun a full year to imagine and execute these one of a kind carpets.

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