African Hair Cuts For Ladies

The trick with coloring

Hair dyes and bleach dry out Afro hair. Afro hair is already naturally dry. Even formulations that are considered mild such as those made from natural products alter the hair. Some natural hair dye formulas are so deeply penetrating despite the absence of harsh chemicals that there is no way to get them out of your hair save to chop off the dyed sections of hair. This suggests that despite the absence of chemicals that are known to us, they contain elements that allow the dye to penetrate the deepest parts of the hair strand.

We are discussing hair color here because it is a critical style option that women through the ages from Cleopatra to this day, whether in rural or urban settings, have chosen.

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All forms of permanent hair dye interfere with the hair cuticle. Anything that disturbs the cuticle also exposes hair to moisture loss and damage – which is what we must try to avoid.

It is much better to use hair color that wash out; that tells you that the dye only coats the outside of the hair shaft and does not interfere excessively with the protective hair cuticle although with each hair wash a the color fades.

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