African Short Hairstyles

People choose dreadlocks for different reasons. How you start your dreadlocks will have a lot to do with your reason for choosing dreads so it is important to be clear about your reasons. Some people look to dreads as the real natural style for Afro hair. Others relate it to their religious beliefs.

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Still others choose dreadlocks as a style or fashion option. Based on how you look at your dreads you may choose to start your dreads by simply neglecting your hair or by a cleanly structured visit to the hair stylist to get them started.

Dreadlocks often appear to grow longer than natural hair because hair that would normally fall from our head at the end of the growing cycle builds itself into each dreadlock and rarely falls out. This has many impacts on maintenance of dreadlocks.

It affects the mass of hair once dreadlocks are fully established after a couple of years. It affects the time hair takes to dry, (long! ) the tendency of dreadlocks to look very dry and dull especially at the outer ends and the risk of trapping dreadlocks in all sorts of places and causing them to break.

The more time you spend getting dreadlocks started the faster they will happen and the more control over size, and formation on the head and the development of each dreadlock you will have.

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