Aftershave Homemade

Aftershaves are refreshing and antiseptic facial astringents that help *efme and tighten the pores. They are made primarily with alcohol and water, and often contain significant amounts of essential oils which make them more like perfumes and colognes. Aftershaves are often used to perfume oneself as the final step in the shaving ritual. Although they generally have a drying effect, they can be helpful in soothing skin irritated by the shaving process. I’ve added glycerin and aloe to the formulas to offset the drying effect of the alcohol. You can also use less alcohol or replace the alcohol with distilled witch hazel for a less drying effect. Another way to offset the drying effect is to add a teaspoon of aftershave to a pint-size bowl of cold water and splash this mixture onto the face. The following formulas can be placed in spray bottles and misted onto the face, or stored in a blue or amber glass jar (to prevent light from degrading the essential oils) with a well-fitting lid, then applied to the face by hand. Always shake these products before use to redistribute the essential oils. When made with the amount of alcohol indicated in the formulas, these aftershaves are well preserved and require no refrigeration. These formulas also make excellent strong-scented deodorants. For a fragrance-free aftershave, omit the essential oils. However, to maintain a 4-oz. yield, replace the essential oils with I1/2 teaspoons of distilled witch hazel, distilled water or herbal infusion. Following are a choice assortment of aftershaves.

Woodland Aftershave

A refreshing woodland-scented aftershave.

4 tablespoons vodka or brandy 1 teaspoon distilled witch hazel

(80-100 proof) 1/2 teaspoon fir essential oil

2 tablespoons herbal infusion of 1/2 teaspoon sandalwood essential oil

choice (preferred) or distilled water 24 drops bay essential oil

1 tablespoon aloe vera gel 24 drops black pepper essential oil

1/2 teaspoon glycerin

Pour ingredients into a 4-oz. spray mist bottle or other glass jar, cap and shake. It is ready to use. Shake prior to use. Yields 4 oz.

Note: For a less drying effect substitute the 4 tablespoons of vodka and the 2 tablespoons of herbal infusion with 6 tablespoons of distilled witch hazel. Variations follow:

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