Alessandra Ambrosio

Born number 7 out of 14 with 1boys and 4 girls I’m second oldest girL I grew up on an Indian reservation in the southern heat of Louisiana on an island named isle Jean Charles. I was Rrst to graduate and the only one to go to college out of my siblings.

How they help you in modeling career P Coming from a close nit familKfamily values are the traded secrets of survival, ny family has a strong embedded history of fishing, cultivating, and local trading as a means of survival. For me to step out on my own and pursue my dreams of a professional model came with a renewed supportfrom my family and friends who championed the idea of having a member of our culture representing the face of a forgotten group of Native Americans. I wear this badge with honor as it is bestowed upon me by my, community and surrounding areas.

Any special chihttmnr&rank ormemory

Growing up with 1brothers had its pros and cons with wrestling, horsepiaying, and fighting being at the cemer of our daily activities. These practices! help build my strength and witty refleHes. As young as the second grade I became notorious for my: ability to arm wrestle. Arm wrestling in the . louisiaoa Cajun culture served as a staple for all1 pride_ Throogh the school months ridiogthe school bus was all but normal for me., the school buses would sen/e as my arena to beiog ao undefeated ‘ arm wrestling. (HEFTY LEFTY) would be my call sign.

I was the Victor that enjoyed the spoiles thrown by the defeated. This meant entra lunch money and snack money not justfor me but also my friends and others who would have gooe withom. Until this very! day l still get referred to as that Native girl who ; could defeat all the boys.

Educational qualification

I obtained my professional license of Nursing through course work at Maryland Institute of I Missionary studies.

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