In a fifteen-year professional career, Alfie Moore played in only twenty-one NHL games, none more memorable than one night in 1938 when he played for the Chicago Black Hawks in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Goalie Alfie Moore was superstitious about wearing a hat and then not wearing one after he lost it.

The Hawks were in Toronto to play the Leafs on the night of April 5, 1938, but their regular goalie, Mike Karakas, had a toe injury and couldnt play. With only hours to go until the opening faceoff, the Hawks scrambled to find any local goalie of skill, and as legend has it they found Moore in a bar. Although that part of the story is up for discussion, Moores incredible play in leading Chicago to a 3-1 win that night at Maple

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Leaf Gardens is not. Gordie Drillon scored first for the Leafs at 1:53, but that was the only goal Moore surrendered. The Hawks went on to win the Cup, and Moore got his name on the bowl for this one masterful game.

Most of the rest of his career passed quietly with a variety of teams in the minors. Moore, like many a player in the early days, wore a hat when he played. Sometimes players wore them to keep their heads warm at a time when arenas were cold, and others wore them for vanity. Aurele Joliat, for instance, wore one because he was prematurely bald.

But once when he was playing in Montreal, Moore couldnt find his small cap and had to play bare-headed. He posted a shutout that night and never wore a hat again. One superstition quickly reversed simply because of a win.

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