Watermelon juice or apple juice both provide alkaline balance to the blood, plus melons are full of bromine, vital for emotional stability and also as an antidepressant. Tahini on toast, as tahini is full of magnesium (320mg), the nerve mineral, plus calcium (330mg) for the nerves and a peaceful sleep. Vegemite, or yeast extract on toast, a very good source of vitamins B1: nerves, B2: anti-stress, antifatigue, B3: nourishes the nerves, anti-depression, fatigue, B5: anti-stress, depression, B6: anti-stress, irritability, nervousness, folate: nerves, brain, anti-fatigue. Most of these B vitamins are water soluble and required daily. A B complex tablet daily is beneficial.


Try a handful of almonds phosphorus (490mg): strength and repair of nerves, improves concentration and memory; magnesium (260mg): protects against hardened arteries and high blood pressure; and calcium (250mg): regular heart action and digestion. Have an apple or two peaches with the almonds.



Salad sandwich: lettuce is an excellent source of silicon: (1500mg) protects against nervous exhaustion, mental fatigue and baldness. Lettuce also supplies folate (15mg): nerve functioning; sulphur (580mg): brain functioning, and chlorine regulates blood pressure. Add some sliced red capsicum for an excellent supply of vitamin C, the anti-stress and headache vitamin. Add a few walnuts rich in omega-3: nerve functioning, and biotin for sleep, anti-depression and nervousness, with a few slices of Cheddar cheese (protein: nerve cell building, adrenaline production, brain hormone transfer) on rye bread for potassium (460mg): strengthens the heart muscles and vital for mental function, nervous system and brain.


A handful of cashews with a cup of tea. Cashews are rich in zinc (5.7mg): protects against fatigue and is required for the action of B vitamins and for mental alertness. Cashews are a good source of manganese (0.8mg) required for memory; magnesium (250mg); phosphorus (530mg) for energy production, concentration, nerves and brain health. Cashews and a crisp apple are the perfect nourishing nerve snack.


Pepita pasta: Add 4 tablespoons of ground pepitas to the pasta sauce, or sprinkle on top of the pasta with cheese. Pepitas are an excellent source of iron (11.3mg): protects against fatigue, promotes endurance and resistance to stress. Pepitas are also an excellent source of zinc (7.5mg): required for the action of B vitamins, alcohol conversion and protection from fatigue and mental stress; magnesium

(535mg): controls the central nervous system, protects against mental exhaustion and irritability. Plus with the excellent balance of phosphorus (1174mg): essential for the nervous system and brain function, as it promotes memory and concentration; copper (1.4mg): promotes vitamin C absorption, protects the nerve fibres and promotes iron utilisation. Add ground pepitas to a soup or vegetable burgers for the ultimate regenerating balance to the nervous system. Pepitas are the greatest anti-stress food.

NOTE: All amounts in this blog are measured in milligrams (mg) per 100 grams, unless stated otherwise.

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