Antique Apple Crate Planter

Just Mame planter

This beautiful Antique Apple Crate Planter is printed with the bride and grooms name and marriage date and is supplied empty for the newlyweds to plant their favourite flowers and plants as a keepsake after their wedding – or it can even be used as a hamper or an attractive storage solution. We suggest you plant it with a stunning floral display to decorate your wedding reception.

Each crate is crafted from a high quality pine. Price £32.

Light from the sea

If you are planning a seaside or beach themed wedding, the Rafiki Urchin T-Lights are perfect to decorate your tables to create a glowing candlelight in a novel style. This urchin T-Light was inspired by nature and created by La Luna using natural elegance combined with the beauty of porcelain. Available in a set of three. Price £33.60.

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