Apply Foundation Tips

â¢Shake foundation bottle vigorously before applying. Even though foundations should not noticeably separate, the heavier parts do tend to drop to the bottom of the container.
â¢Avoid two-phase foundation formulas (they usually have a watery liquid phase on top of the bottle and a heavier liquid phase underneath),
which are sometimes designed for acne-prone skin. I find that they make skin look rough and chalky. Also, avoid dual-finish foundations: They create a rough surface and can look fake.
⢠Note that most of the more recent oil-free foundations that have come on the market contain one or more silicone-based ingredients. The result is formulas that are extremely light and have much more slip to the feel. Decide for yourself whether you like the touch.
Question: What can I use to even out my skin tone if I don’t like the feel of foundation?
Answer: Spot-apply foundation only on uneven areas and around the nose, which tends to be red. Use a warm-tinted powder (not translucent powder) with a puff to set foundation and create a more natural finish.
Question: I have a yellow skin tone. Should I use makeup that’s yellow or counter my skin tone with another shade?
Answer: The only appropriate foundation to wear is one that disappears on your face, which means finding a foundation that is yellow in tone. Then you may choose to use pink or rosy blush to counter your skin tone.
Question: I have fair skin and red hair. Should I really be wearing a yellow-toned foundation?
Answer: Even the palest ivory foundation should have a yellow undertone to look natural. Pale yellow foundation works to warm a very fair complexion. If a product contains too much yellow, however, it will appear too dark on your skin.

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