With increased temptation to drink at Christmas, Closer speaks to two women whose alcoholism destroyed their lives

it developed into a litre because I needed to relax and I liked the feeling of being drunk.â

Soon Emma was waking up with a hangover every day.

She says: âœI’d have a drink at lunch and do the school pickup drunk. I was dependent on booze and without it I’d get bad mood swings. James wanted me to get help, but I wouldn’t admit I had a problem.â


In December 2006, she became pregnant with Ami and stopped drinking, but after the birth,

Emma fell back into addiction.

She says: âœI struggled with three children and hit the booze hard. My drinking put a huge strain on our relationship and James moved out.

âœI was incapable of looking after my younger kids so Luke, then nine, had to help. Friends and family were concerned but I pushed them away.â

Emma’s drinking became so bad her ex-husband was given custody of the children in September 2011. At rock bottom, she overdosed on painkillers and alcohol.

She recalls: âœI came round in hospital and realised I couldn’t carry on like that.â

With help from AA, Emma beat her addiction.

She explains: âœIt was tough, but I regained custody of the children and we’re now rebuilding our relationships together. But I feel so guilty about what I put them through.â

By Emily Cope & Matt Barbour


â˜It’s my first sober Xmas’

Like Emma, Michelle Bridge, 44, from Essex, managed to beat her 21-year alcohol addiction.

Michelle became so addicted she nearly died after downing six litres of vodka a day.

She explains: âœIn my teens I never drank, but in my 20s I started having a vodka at the end of the day. I liked how it helped me relax. It all started harmlessly but within months I had the shakes as I needed a drink so badly. I used to drink a lot at Christmas and it sped up my addiction.â

When she became pregnant with her daughter Sophie, now 18, she continued to drink, often up to a litre of vodka a day. In August 2002 she gave birth to her second child, now 13, followed by the youngest, now 12, in August 2003 – drinking through all pregnancies. Incredibly, despite risks such as foetal alcohol syndrome, all three children were born healthy.

Michelle says: âœMy days were spent in a haze of vodka, passing out then buying more drink. I used benefits to buy it.

âœWhen Sophie was eight she went to live with my niece, 34. My sister stepped in to look after my youngest at three months old, and my middle child was taken by social

Michelle, here with daughter’Sophie, is “” rebuilding her life

services when he was seven.

My life was a mess but I still couldn’t stop.â

In November 2014, Michelle’s health failed.

She explains: âœI was shaking and vomiting. I was rushed to hospital suffering organ failure and fell into a coma.

It was the wake-up call Michelle needed.

She says: âœI started AA i sessions and I’ve been sober for a year now, but I’m still wracked with guilt about putting my addiction ahead of my children.

âœSophie now hates alcohol because of what I’ve been through. I’m rebuilding my relationship with the others.

âœThis will be my first Christmas sober out of hospital, but I won’t feel tempted. I’m grateful I’ve been given a second chance.â

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âœI feel more pressure to drink at Christmas and often feel guilty and worried about my behaviour the next morning.â

Hannah, via Facebook

âœChristmas is all about having fun and a few drinks with friends. I just make sure I cut down in the new year.❠Louisa, via Facebook


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