Are you creating unnecessary stress for yourself? Are you a workaholic?

It may be that you regard your stress as being derived only from work or home but usually it is from both. Stress from family arguments or financial worries can affect our work performance; our minds might not be on the job in hand and accidents or mistakes can easily occur. Feeling generally distressed will make Us less able to handle the inevitable pressures and demands of our job. On the other hand, a happy home life with few major worries can help us ride through the pressures of work without distress. Similarly, a day at work full of pressure, demands and situations that lower our self-esteem can continue when we get home. Then it takes just a minor irritation to make us snap at our partner or shout at the children.

Often before we realize what is happening, we can enter into a vicious circle and things can go from bad to worse. So stress must be tackled throughout all aspects of our lives. This is what the Stresswise programme is about; learning to deal with stress and to care for yourself and your relationships. We should remember that family, social and work situations can be a source of much joy, love, support and stimulation. They can provide security and self-esteem. Building on these can keep you away from the distress zone and direct you into the eustress zone.

Are you creating unnecessary stress for yourself? Are you a workaholic? Photo Gallery

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