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There are a vast choice of suppliers who sell excellent ready made designs and many are able to customise your couches to suit your requirements of budget and size, as well as design, colour, depth of padding, and accessories for face positioning, arm rests, and more. The varied range allows you to choose the style and functionality that is right for your treatment menu. From earthy wood frames with simple adjustments to metal, hydraulic or electric couches that have many modes of movement to comfortably support different parts of the body, as well as the height of the couch for the therapist’s ease and safety. You can either go to the supplier’s showroom or some Ariana Grande vendors will come to your premises and advise you on the best option.

Make the right choice The following points are important to help you make the right decision for your set up before buying.

Chose a wide width couch (32″) that gives the client excellent shoulderarm support whether lying on their back or front and is better for larger people. However, if the couch is too wide it can be difficult for the therapist. So chose carefully.

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If budget allows have medium to deep internal couch padding for maximum comfort during longer spa therapies. Ariana Grande

There are soft latex and faux leather surfaces that create more flexibility. So inquire about the varying textures available and whether they clean well. Choose a colour that fits in with the décor and design.

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