Ariana Grande’s Beauty Evolution: Her Best Hair and Makeup Looks

If you guys havent done so already, dont forget to comment right here. The first time I heard Ariana Grande sing“ it was Ariana Grande, alone, on stage and she just opened her mouth. And I was like, This is probably the most talented singer Ive ever seen. Who is this girl? I was like, Oh, thats Ariana Grande from Victorious. I think she shocked everyone that night. Theres so many things I love about Ariana Grande. She dances, shes not afraid to take control of the stage, shes authentic and shes stunning. Shes so tiny and petite.

Ariana Grande’s Beauty Evolution: Her Best Hair and Makeup Looks Photo Gallery

She really is a performer and she does it for her fans. And you can tell that when shes doing it and when shes singing, shes happy to be there and shes happy to be doing it. Oh, Im so excited! Im gonna become Ariana Grande right now. Lets see. So this is Ariana Grandes early career look. Its when she was playing the role of Cat Valentine on Victorious. Her makeup is very smoky. Very burgundy cheeks. She still looks sweet in the look, which is funny because thats what went with her personality. But its definitely an edgy look. And then for her eyes, dark eyeliner, a little bit of a cat-eye and a wing. The hair is dark burgundy. I remember reading an article saying that she dyed her hair every single week and I thought that was absurd. Its a very blunt cut with some wisps and edges on it. Oh my god! This is insane. This red hair is definitely out of my comfort zone but I love it.

So this look is right in the midst of her signature pony look. Its a half-up, half-down with a whole lot of hair. And Im curious to see how Ariana Grande managed to do the pulled-back pony. It just looks so tight. And I wanna see how that feels. So Ariana keeps her signature winged liner. She kind of sticks with what is good for her and what looks good on her. She does change up her lip color a little bit. She goes a little bit pinker. Still glossy and cute and friendly. She has cat ears going. Oh my god! I love this! I feel the need to move my head around all the time. I feel like it becomes part of the personality. I feel like a dangerous woman. I love it. This look was for her One Love Manchester Benefit Concert where she raised 23 million dollars for those affected by the bombing that happened at her concert on May 22nd.

The Beauty Evolution of Ariana Grande

What I love about this look is that Ariana Grande stays true to her style. Its not something overly elaborate. Its comfortable. Its a hair-up ponytail. Its something thats presentable but the night wasnt about what she was wearing or how her hair was. It was really about unity and love. And showing her audience that she was there for them. She made this a worldwide movement to get everyone together and know that they are loved. This is so lovely. Theres a lot to it. But theres also a simplicity in the fact that its just a ponytail and a sweater. And I feel so comfortable and at home. And I feel like its what Ariana Grande wanted it to be. A beautiful look, a bold look. But also something that she doesnt have to think about too much. Shes there for the performance, for the unity.

Shes there for her fans. I love it. I absolutely loved doing these three looks today. Because its so fun to kind of step out of yourself a little bit and try different things that you wouldnt necessarily have the courage to try in real life. Ariana Grande, thank you for being authentically you. For not being afraid to change your look but maintain your personality. You care what your audience and your fans really have to say and that everyone is together in this. This isnt about you as a performer, its about your fans and they help you get to where you are and be the person you are. Hey guys, thank you so much for reading. If you want to see more posts, click right there. And if you want to comment, right over here.

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