Asian Knot Braid Hairstyle

Hi, I’m Gracie this is my mom Sarah. And we’re from learn beauty tips girls. And today my mom’ll be showing you how to do an Asian not play that simple easy.

And quick. And this is what it looks like let’s get started okay. I started out by putting her hair in a high ponytail.

Asian Knot Braid Hairstyle Photo Gallery

And I wrapped her ponytail with her hair just to hide that elastic band. So what you’re going to do is take the sides a small piece but equal sections smooth them out it works better when her hair is wet. So or you can do a try but, I just you just better wet put it in a knot make sure that you when you do the knot it’s tight.

And it’s up on top by her hair here okay. So now you have these two sides you want to go under her ponytail you can have her hold her ponytail just. So that it’ll get out of your way.

So that you know what you’re doing underneath smooth it out you’re going to go the same direction you did on top make a knot make it tight then you can have her elect all of it. And you have whip up prissy you have another knot at the bottom smooth out her ends then you’re going to add to the side again in little pieces join them together smooth out sides make sure that when you do join them together to make them. So it’s a little bit less than the other one.

So that when you’re doing the knots they won’t it’ll all look the same instead of one looking thick. And one looking thinner okay smoothing. And smoothing them out you’re going to do the same thing same direction you did with this one in a knot then you’re going to have her hold it the ponytail.

So that you can go right under her hair ponytail smoothing it out same direction making a knot here we go okay all right look up. And then you’re just going to do this all the way down to the point where you have or you can’t do any more because it starts getting thinner. So the size again small slices grabbing em on the side smoothing them out go into the same direction tightening them up having her hold the ponytail again you making sure that this is tight then you’re just going to do it all the way down okay.

I’m at the point that, I’m almost done. I’m going to do one more not okay. I’m going to take it.

And secure it with elastic band you sound like, I just finish it off with a brave, I’m just going to pancake the braid out, I’m gonna tie it off secure this then, I’m just going to spread them out pulling by pulling the sides out you can pull them out as far as you like. And, I’m going to put a little hair tie just to cover this lesbian consensus Christmas season nice little green bow just kind of pop these out on. So with this, I look to straight just kind of pop it out.

I’m going to just put the little hairspray just to keep them in place. And there you have it thank you. So much for taking the time to watch this tutorial.

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And we’ll see you next week. And have a good day guys bye hi.

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