Grape juice freshly extracted provides the ultimate source of dextrose, easily absorbed into the bloodstream, providing nearly instant energy for that early morning workout or aerobics session.

Sunflower butter is easy to make. Grind one cup of sunflower kernels in a blender or grinder, place in a large bowl, add 1 tablespoon honey and 2 tablespoons soft butter, mix together with a fork into a smooth consistency, serve on rye bread toast. Sunflower butter will provide an excellent source of vitamin E (34mg) promoting the endurance, stamina and power of muscles; protein (23g) for muscle growth, as muscle fibres are collections of protein molecules, repair of damaged tissues and for hormones to regulate body functions. Vitamin B1 (2.3mg) is essential during strenuous exercise, for oxygen absorption and energy conversion; iron (6.8mg) for muscle endurance, tissue repair and blood oxygen levels; phosphorus (705mg) for energy distribution and blood circulation; zinc (5.1mg) for tissue growth and insulin/glucose activity; selenium (60mcg) for vitamin E activity; vitamin B3 (4.5mg) for protein effectiveness and energy production in muscle cells. Vitamin B3 is depleted during bouts of strenuous exercise.



Have a banana smoothie. The banana is an ideal provider of energy (22g) and a good source of potassium (358mg), the muscle mineral, as it is vital for repair of muscles, strength of muscles and is the foundation mineral of muscular tissue. Chlorine (270mg) for heart muscle action; sulphur (120mg) for heart muscles, carbohydrate metabolism and insulin manufacture. Milk will provide a fair amount of calcium (115mg) for muscle action, tissue development, heart muscle function and bone strength and repair.


Two serves of hazel nuts with two apples, for an excellent supply of protein (30-42g), vitamin E (30mg), carbohydrates (34g), magnesium (320mg), calcium (220mg), unsaturated fats (100g) for lasting energy.


Kidney bean tacos. Kidney beans provide excellent carbohydrate value (60g) with a low GI and an energy supply to last all afternoon. Excellent potassium (1406mg) for muscles; iron (8mg) for oxygen supply; folate (394mcg) for physical endurance and protein formation; calcium (143mg) for bone strength; phosphorus (407mg) for bone strength and energy production; magnesium (140mg) for muscle function, protection from muscular cramps; copper (1mg) for heart muscles; molybdenum for iron-oxygen utilisation. The lettuce, carrot, onion and tomato sauce will provide numerous nutrients and the cheese will add increased protein value to the kidney beans complete protein (24-40g) plus excellent calcium (700-900 mg) for bone strength and muscle action.

Fish and chips. Fish will supply excellent protein (20-25g) for muscle growth; cobalt for body cell activity, growth and energy; selenium for growth, skin elasticity; vanadium for blood circulation. Potato chips will provide quick carbohydrate energy with the fat content providing a slower release of energy. About 2-3 hours after the fish meal, have a large serve of yoghurt to promote a peaceful nights sleep and to relax your muscles, as yoghurt helps to break down lactic acid which builds up during strenuous exercise.

NOTE: d.v. refers to the daily value for women 25-50 years, refer to RDI chart for adult male and child values.

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