Morning Exercise Tips

This information has been used to construct Exercises 4.6, which shows the volume of fluid remaining in the stomach at successive 10-minute intervals after the initial ingestion (at... Read more

Waterfall Yoga Pose

Drinking Patterns and Rates of Carbohydrate and Fluid Delivery Exercises 4.4c suggests that increasing the carbohydrate content of the ingested solution beyond about 6% begins to have a... Read more

How To Do Yoga Poses

From “Effect of Glucose Ingestion on Energy Substrate Utilization During Prolonged Muscular Exercise” by F. Pimay, M. Lacroix, F. Mosora, A. Luyckx, and P. Lefebvre, 1977, European Journal... Read more

Sciatica Exercises Pregnancy

The picture is rather complicated because glucose, sodium, and chloride are absorbed from the intestine in equal amounts, and each interacts to accelerate the absorption of the others... Read more