Autumn Eyeshadow Look Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys, in this post I’ll be showing you how to do this autumn inspired eyeshadow lick although the colors are more on the neutral side the shimmer and the duochrome effect will add a pop to your eyes. So let’s begin first off apply eyeshadow primer to your lid this will increase the staying power of your eyeshadow and prevent it from creasing if you’re curious about the products I use I will list them all in the infobox below for this look I’ll be using my wet and wild comfort zone palette and it contains eight shimmery shades. So I’m going to pick up the one on top.

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And. I’m going to apply it in the inner corner of my eyes adding a white or ivory shade here will help brighten up your eyes now. I’m going to pick up this topi a brown color with my Sigma shader brush. And I’m going to apply this all over my lid up to my crease since the palette doesn’t contain any matte shadows. I’m going to grab this vanilla shadow and apply it underneath my brows as the highlight now. I’m going to pick up the shimmery peach color and apply it to the edge of the taupey brown this will help soften it out and it will also add some warmth to your eyes using the sponge tip applicator that it comes with.

I’m going to pick up this olive green color and apply it to the center of my lids a lot of people throw this away when they get their palettes. But I like to keep it. Because it’s great for packing on color using my Sigma tapered blending brush. I’m going to pick up this interesting color which is actually a reddish brown with turquoise shimmer. And I’m going to apply this to the outer V this will add more dimension and of course you want to blend out the harsh lines with a fluffy blending brush and finally you want to line your eyes with some black eyeliner here. I’m using my Maybelline line stiletto.

But I think they recently changed the formula. Because it’s really runny now and it’s not as old pay as it used to be use a pencil eyeliner to line your waterline curl your eyelashes and apply a favorite mascara to your top and bottom lashes this part is optional but. I’m going to apply some fake lashes with my lash referred he civ glue. So you want to apply the eyelashes is close to your real lashes as possible. I’m using dark tone glue. So when it dries it will become black. So here’s the completed look inspired by autumn colors, if you guys would like to see me use this palette in more tutorials let me know in the comments below and thanks so much for reading.

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