Available on iOS and Google Play HOT APPS TO DOWNLOAD

• Floor Plan Creator Helps you map out rooms in a jiffy

• TED For daily dose of inspirational talks

• Autodesk Home-styler To see 3D product models in a real space

• iHandy Carpenter Gives you five essential measurement and alignment tools


Designer Anjali Mody of Josmo Studio loves “messing around with this app for placement and space ideas”. Choose from several types of rooms and play with real life products to complete the space. Available on iOS


NU.DE Architecture’s Nuru Karim finds himself using this augmented reality app at work. It allows you to see 3D models in real world, size and time via a smartphone or tablet. Available on iOS and Google Play

Brain-training app Lumosity brings its smarts to Android | Android ...

The iOS version, which is available on iTunes , supports iOS 6.0 and ...


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