Baby Lullaby Songs Go To Sleep

Baby Lullaby Songs Go To Sleep

Sleep Equations

In these first months when the nights are short and punctuated by frequent feeds, women who breastfeed definitely have an easier time of it than bottle-feeding mums. Its just one of the benefits. And parents who sleep with their tiny babies have easier nights than parents who have to get up to fetch a crying, hungry baby.

Breast + co-sleeping = maximum sleep.

Breast or Bottle-feeders – which Parents get the Most Sleep? Breastfeeding

Partner can share by bringing you the baby/leaving you notes/bringing you tea/leaving a flask of soup.

The milk is more readily available at night.

You can sleep while you feed.

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Lets your partner take a share.

One of you needs to wake at night to make the feed.

One of you must stay awake while your baby feeds.

After about six weeks, your babys sleep will probably become a distinct activity, although there may as yet be little rhythm or pattern to his sleeps. He has begun the long journey to separating food from sleep.

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