Bad Eating Habits Facts

How could they help you?

What small step toward change could you take at this time? (Even the slightest movement is helpful. )

4. Action Stage (taking action, getting feedback, and making adjustments)

If you feel stuck, defeated, and your motivation is waning, these questions may help.

‚ What progress have you made so far, no matter how minimal you think it is?

‚ What progress have others noticed?

‚ When you didn't feel stuck or defeated, what was happening or who was helping you?

‚ What do you want your relationship with food to be like? What needs to happen to get there?

‚ What are you willing to give up for your eating disorder? What are you not willing to give up?

‚ Is there a small step or decision you could make right now that would help you?

‚ Where can you find someone to talk with who has recovered?

‚ Where can you get some additional help? What is stopping you?

What rewards or consequences can you come up with to help motivate you? (See Key 6)

5. Maintenance Stage (you have made and continue to make changes)

If you are struggling to figure out how you can continue to make changes or maintain the changes you've already made, or you are not sure what's okay to stop doing and still maintain recovery, consider these questions.

‚ What situations or feelings make you most vulnerable to slipping or relapsing?

‚ Do you notice any familiar patterns when you find yourself struggling to maintain recovery?

‚ What skills need to be developed to maintain the progress you have made?

‚ What or who can help you develop more skills or strengthen the ones you have?

‚ What type of structure do you think would best support your continued recovery?

‚ What would be the first behavior or feeling state that would signal you are slipping?

‚ What or who can help you with accountability to prevent slips or relapse?

‚ Who can you contact when you are overwhelmed and need help?

‚ How can you help yourself reach out to a support person?

6. Termination Stage: This is the stage we call being recovered. ? At this point you are no longer even tempted to use your eating disorder behaviors.

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You don't need motivation to keep going because you have arrived.

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