Banish Belly Fat In A Week

Bean sprouts have been a staple of the vegetarian diet since records began but it’s the plant that is good to eat, not the seeds. The beans contain compounds that are difficult for humans to digest successfully. So it’s a resounding yes to the sprouts and not to the beans themselves.

Bread. You’re not serious, are you? Did you expect a green light for bread? Sorry, folks. It’s definitely a no. Make that a capital NO just to be certain. If you miss the old demon slice of toxicity, try using almond flour, sweet potato flour or flaxseed flour as your new basic ingredient for making a dramatically healthier alternative to grain-based bread.

Buckwheat might surprise you because it’s long been associated with the image of a healthy diet. Buckwheat though is a pseudo cereal. Technically speaking, it isn’t a grain but it still causes similar problems to all the grains we’re eliminating from our daily diet. So buckwheat goes onto the No No pile.

Cocoa. At last we’ve found something tasty that we can consume! Pure cocoa is fine as long as – you guessed it! – it does not contain any sugar or sweeteners. It’s increasingly being used as a flavour enhancer with people adding it to their coffee and tea and even incorporating it in spices and sauces to accompany meat dishes. More versatile than you might imagine and a welcome guest on the menu!

Carob. Often used as a substitute for chocolate, this legume is usually consumed as carob powder. Happily the powder is made from the pod rather than the potentially harmful seed of the carob. So as long as you avoid the seeds, carob is a good food choice as far as healthy eating is concerned.

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