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Diets Fail Because of Out Of Control Emotional Decisions.

We’ve already concluded that Calorie Controlled Diets don’t work on a permanent basis -for you or for anyone else. Of course, eventually, you’ll have to embrace a lifestyle where you enjoy eating delicious healthy food and pick up a fun and regular exercise routine, but first you must focus on what specifically makes you feel helpless in your life, especially in relation to eating food.

You may be feeling more optimistic at this stage, but I suspect that you’re also skeptical and may even harbour doubts about ultimate success. Your gut may be saying to you, Can something as intense and as strong as my emotional eating needs really be changed?‚ The answer, of course, is yes. Persistence is at the heart of so many habits. Focusing on your successes, no matter how small they may seem, helps to reinforce your new behaviour. Keeping a Victory Log to record every incidence of success will build up your confidence and remind you that you really are on the pathway to sustainable success.

Accept that now you will start to understand things about yourself that you may have tried to hide or conceal and, when you realise and accept these things about yourself, you will finally understand that you don’t need to let food and eating control and ruin your life. We are going to give you a mirror to reflect your behaviors, motivations, and all of the habits that are not serving you well. Emotional overeating is destructive to your health and happiness – your focus will finally be on you and not your food. As you slow down and reflect upon what you’re eating, developing a vital sense of mindfulness, considering what you’re eating and why, new possibilities emerge, new alternatives present themselves. They were always there. Now you’re finally taking the time to acknowledge them Every single day.

Focus now on that something that always triggers your drive to overeat, perhaps some kind of interaction with someone or an emotionally relevant situation in your life. Now let’s look more closely at this subject. It’s not the event that causes you to want to overeat. It’s how the event or situation made you feel. At first you may not even realise or know how you feel. As you work on getting better acquainted with your emotional self, you’ll begin to observe the situations or people around you at the moment when you tend to overeat. Then you’ll pay closer attention to the feelings that come up for you when you’re around those people or situations. These are the steps to neutralising your old habits.

Simply identifying the times when you overeat is a huge first step. Why is it a huge step? It’s a huge step because that’s the magical moment when things start to come into focus. You’ll be shining a spotlight on a situation and that will allow you to begin to analyse it in more detail. Inevitably, you’ll have to confront the negative feelings that, up until now, you’ve been trying to get hide by eating. But don’t worry. We’ll help you through the entire process. You’re not the first person to overcome these issues. You are not alone!

Writing down your experiences is very helpful and introduces levels of objectivity that disarm the old impulsive behaviours.

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