Basic Aromatherapy Foot Oil Homemade

A carrier oil may be enriched with essential oils to offer various aromas and therapeutic effects. Higher concentrations of essential oils can be used when making foot oils than when making oils for other parts of the body, since the feet are rather callous and thick-skinned.

Aromatherapy oils are also nice for foot massages. Keep in mind that less oil is added to the footbath water when using aromatherapy oils than when adding plain carrier oils.

20-30 drops essential oil of choice.

1 oz. Carrier oil.

Pour carrier oil into a jar, add essential oils, cap and shake well.

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Add Makes 1 oz. Enough for about 3-6 soaks.

Note: The essential oil combinations listed in the herbal salt soaks are also applicable to foot oil formulas. Here are some examples:

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