Basic Dilution Makeup Methods

⢠When you use a brush with blush or eyeshadow, blow off excess color before you apply it. Blow off excess shadow and liner color from brushes, as well. If you want really sheer coverage (or are planning to layer color), use a tissue to wipe off almost all color from your brush.

⢠It is always a good idea to start with less color than you might eventually want. You can always layer on more color in a controlled and gradual manner. (Removing color from face ultimately takes more time and potentially requires going back to reapply foundation.)

⢠Whenever you use charcoal shadow or any other dense color, dip a brush in the product and then blow on the brush (do this over the sink or counter and out of harm’s range of clothing) to remove excess. Tapping the end of a brush on a countertop also works to loosen extra color. For more intense or precise application of color, dampen your brush slightly so that shadow will adhere better.

⢠Clean your mascara wand with tissue to avoid a too-clumpy application.

⢠Dilute extreme lipstick color by mixing it with beige lipstick before applying.

⢠If lipstick looks too intense when first applied to one lip, use a brush or finger to spread the color thinly over both lips, thereby diluting the color and creating a beautiful stain effect. Or put a tiny bit of gloss over strong color and work over both lips.

⢠If you want a dewy look to the face, mix a few drops of foundation into your hand with a small amount of your daily moisturizer. If you have oily skin, mix a few drops of your oil-free foundation into oil-free moisturizer.

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