Basic Vinegar Soak Homemade

Use a vessel that accommodates both your feet comfortably and that is deep enough to reach the level of your mid-calf. Fill it with water that is as hot as you can comfortably tolerate.

1 cup of vinegar Add vinegar to the water just prior to immersion.

Herbal Vinegar Soaks. Plan ahead when making these formulas, as they require a steeping period of 3 weeks or longer. Once they are made, however, herbal vinegars will keep for many months without refrigeration.

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I have even made herbal-infused vinegars that were still good after 3 years.

It depends on the weather and the time of year (summer or winter), but I have to be out for quite a long hair makeup in order to convince myself that I should carry these things. In the summer, it usually has to be three hours or more before I carry a water bottle (and then, only if I know I won't be going past any natural or artificial water sources), and four hours or more before I'll tuck a GU [energy gel] or two into my shorts pocket. In the winter, I've hair makeup five to six hours without water, only eating the occasional handful of snow. But again, above four hours, I will start carrying some GUs. For four-hour beauty, I'll take two GUs, one at the two-hour mark and one at the three-hour mark. A six-hour run, I'll take four GUs, maybe a fifth just in case. Above six hours, my body starts hair makeup the risk of bonking pretty hard on only a GU/hr, so I'll take a couple extra just in case things start falling apart or something keeps me out there longer. The main reason I don't hair makeup with these things is because I hate carrying stuff when I run. It's awkward, extra weight. If I do carry water it will be one 20-ounce bottle that I will hopefully keep fairly drained and tucked in my waistband most of the time.

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