Beauty And The Breast Oil Homemade

This formula uses herbs that support the immune system and lymphatic functioning. It is excellent for lymphatic circulation and helps alleviate pain and swelling of breast tissues. It can also be used for swollen lymph glands elsewhere in the body (Available from “Sweet Melissa Botanicals, ” see Resources). Use the following herbs dried and 1 oz.

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Fresh poke root.

Freshly ground: xh oz. Yarrow, 1/2 oz. 5 oz. Castor oil calendula, 1/2 oz. Red clover blossoms 5 oz. Olive oil

1. Combine the castor and olive oils.

2. Make herbal-infused oils with each dried herb, using 21/2 oz. Combination of castor and olive oil, as your menstrum per 1/2 oz. Of herb. Follow Directions for Herbal-infused oils with Dried Herbs.

3. Make infused poke oil by grinding the fresh poke root with 21/2 oz. Combination of castor and olive oil and then follow Directions for Herbal-infused oils with.

Fresh Herbs.

4. ow these oils to steep or infuse on a source of heat no greater than 125 degrees, such as a warming tray or radiator. You can strain the oils after 2 weeks. Note that the addition of heat speeds up the oil-infusion process.

5. Combine the strained oils and massage into breasts a few times a week or as needed. Makes about 7 oz. Of oil.

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