If you are gathering with an intimate group, pick your next meeting date based on everyones schedules before the end of each gathering. You may also want to consider rotating from house to house. For larger groups, announce the next date at the end of your gathering, then follow up with an invite.

Classes and services

Although Slow Beauty is meant to be self-sufficient and practiced in the comfort of our own homes and time frames, it is always fun to try some of the unique classes and services that are up for offer within our communities. Experiment with different classes and services outside of your normal routine to inspire and stimulate your mind, body, and soul. Its also a great opportunity to remove ourself from our comfort zone. (In other words, if you already practice yoga regularly, give something else on this list a whirl. You never know! You may just find something you love.) Here are some ideas to get you started.

Dance classes


Live music

Meditation classes


Salon visits

Shirodhara (Ayurvedic treatment)

Sound baths

Spa treatments


poetics: speak to your soul

As with philosophy, we have also lost touch with the great poems and poets. Its a shame, too, because poetry elevates, renews, and transforms us by helping us transcend the mundane. This Poetics ritual is designed to engage us with the beauty of poetry and to help us live a more poetic life by immersing us in poems that inspire and uplift on a seasonal basis.


The role of the poet is to tend the soul of the world. Poets are interpreters of feelings. They give shape to invisible feelings unspoken, and a voice to the silent language alive in the space between the words. Poets highlight the nuances in the movements of the language of the body and in the fits and starts of human communication. Poetry is self-healing; it cleanses our soul. Poets are givers, they are lovers. Walt Whitman said that the poem is a temple within which we can truly feel our feelings. Be a poet.

I recommend reading one poem daily. This might look any number of different ways. You may read the same poem daily for a week, a month, or a year. You may read a new, different poem each day. You can and should! read poetry any way you wish. Just read it. Poetry speaks directly to and nourishes the soul, touching it with light and healing it. Poems have the ability to awaken that which has been asleep or numbed. Sometimes a poem might affect you so profoundly as to open up something inside of you and deliver you to your soul.

Here you will find some recommendations for poems and poets to get you started. You can find most of these poems on and, not only that, the site is also a great place to do some discovery on your own. If a poem either on this list or from any other source speaks to you, I recommend writing it in the Notes pages at the end of this blog for your reference, to add to your Slow Beauty practice.

These poems are organized by season, although they may be read at any time throughout the year. Read them to yourself, read them aloud, sing them, whatever feels right to you!

Ifound God in myself and I loved her. I loved her fiercely.

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