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Chet Atkins – The Chef Atkins Story An expensive look at one of the most important figures in the history of American music, vdio excelled as a guitarist ond pioneer of The Nashville Sound. Includes a 32 page booklet with tare photos and informative insight.

The Nashville Sound ‚ Various Artists 100 frocks tell The Nashville story that took on rock n' roll; featuring Jim Reeves, Eddy Arnold. Dolly Pbrton and many more. The accompanying booklet contains the full story of this fascinating time for the US entertainment Industry.

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Hoi on the heeh of their European & UK Tour, the Lovell sisters release their first full leng#i album, revealing a gnttior edge to their sound, as well as the pinnode of their lyrical and instrumental ‘olents to dote. Out 25* of August.

Catherine Maclellan – The Raven s Sun Gomcring widespread ocdaim since her debut, Modellan continues to enthrall and captivate the listener on her latest release. The Ravens Sun takes a fascinating journey that delves deep into life, death and transformation.

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