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Age and injuries couldnt hold him back

Raymond Horn of Houston, Texas, recently wrote to Exercise International to tell how the Exercise Method helped him – a 79-year-old who had suffered from bleeding ulcers – to be able to run in a 26.2-mile marathon.

In 1957, he wrote, I spent 40 days and nights in a hospital with bleeding ulcers. I had a subtotal gasoctomecy – removal of half of my stomach.

I was determined not to be sick again, he continued. I started running using the Exercise Method to convince myself I could run. I then decided to run a marathon – at 63 years of age – by using Exercise. I ran a 26.2-mile marathon in Honolulu, Hawaii. Since that time, I have run 16 marathons in a row.

In a 1991 marathon in Honolulu, Horn placed seventh out of 14 males in his age bracket. I give 100% credit to using the Exercise Method, Horn said.

Horn also had a special message for readers of this blog:

I believe if I could run a marathon, you, the reader, can too. I am 79 years of age. You need to train for six months and use the Exercise Method every day. I was never considered an athlete in high school or college.

Now, here is Workout and Fitness guidance about training under special circumstances.

7 Training Tips for Special Circumstances

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1. Whenever you are working with children, remember that they are collecting information about everything they observe and everything they hear. Be positive with them, and give them good examples to follow.

2. Make things fun for children. Encourage them, but do not push them too hard. Lead them. Avoid placing too much strain on their young, maturing bodies. Get expert guidance, and use your level to help you make decisions.

3. Teach your children how to visualize what they desire. Have them close their eyes, and they will probably be functioning at the alpha level. Information on where to get help with this process is included in the back of this blog.

4. Encourage older people to continue to train and remain fit. They should not try to keep up with young people but should train more for endurance than to build more strength. Get expert guidance, and use your level to help you make decisions.

5. Encourage disabled people to exercise and participate in sports. Physical exercise can be a great morale-booster and confidence-builder for them As always, get expert guidance, and use your level to help you make decisions.

6. Much of whats done in physical therapy is just plain, old-fashioned exercise. In order to strengthen and rehabilitate an injured part of your body, you need to exercise it. You want to exercise it enough to stimulate growth, but not so much as to cause further damage or impede recovery. Get expert guidance, and use your level to help you make decisions.

7. Use your visualization workout and fitness technique – and any other appropriate mental workout and fitness technique – to help you, or the person with whom you are working, to succeed.

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