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Launch of new colour technique Skinnovation’s Heliocare range in India

Skinnovation have launched a range of Heliocare products from the Cantabria Labs, Spain. A topical and oral photo protection line, Heliocare is recommended by dermatologists is present in over 80 countries across the globe. The event was attended by around 200 doctors and Dr Bita Hashtroody, Dermatologist and Scientific Medical Director, Cantabria Labs graced the occasion and shared her views on the importance of photo protection for all skin types.

She shared various published studies on the effectiveness of patented Fernblock technology in the Heliocare range. The advanced range of Heliocare protects against not only UVA, UVB, but also visible and infrared radiation.

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It is a complete photo protection range including Heliocare Ultra Gel, Heliocare Ultra Cream, Heliocare Color Gel Cream, Heliocare Gel Oil-free, Heliocare Compacts SPF 50, Oil-free Compacts, Heliocare 360° range, and more. Kalpesh Gawade, Director, Skinnovation says, “Heliocare products come with latest technologies of Fernblock. It represents an important technological innovation, going beyond traditional protection focused on sunburns only to include four new levels of protection, immunological, anti-oxidant, skin architecture and cellular DNA. Topical along with the oral will give you best results.”

Taking inspiration from Kevin Murphy’s career in the session world and applying it to the salon environment, KEVIN.MURPHY has created an educational programme called SESSION.SALON and recently conducted workshops in India. Wade Blackford, Style. Master, Design.

Director, Asia Pacific and Middle East, KEVIN.MURPHY conducted sessions where the stylists were educated not only on the brand, but also productivity, communication, and were shown how to become an expert in building a loyal clientele and life-long salon business. The stylists were further motivated to believe their salon is a fashion show and every client is a supermodel that continues to return, season after season!

KEVIN.MURPHY aims to bring premium hair care products that offer convenience to salons and homes alike, by providing access to runway-like styling options. The brand was conceptualised to address the need of the hour – to present a long-term solution for a generation that is obsessed about styling on a regular basis. Born from the philosophy of delivering performance, inducing strength and promoting longevity, the products are designed to seamlessly nurse damaged unruly hair back to health, locking in moisture and shine without weighing down the style factor.

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