Best Haircuts For Black Women

Hair quality changes in grey

Grey hair comes in many shades from a sharp white, through silver and grey. Whatever the shade the cause is the same; the hair cells are no longer producing the color proteins and this is usually due to the declining function of ageing hair follicles. The challenge of managing grey hair is that it tends to be much more coarse and unmanageable. The extra protein that would have been used to make hair pigment is now deposited as layers of cuticle and this makes the texture of hair feel rougher. It becomes difficult to do simple things like getting hair to hold color or conditioner.

Women with very fine hair may find that as they go grey their hair feels better. The thickening of hair strands will add volume that they missed before going grey!

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Unlike men who tend to grey along their side-burns first, grey hair in women usually comes through on the crown of the head first, starting from the front (where it is most visible) and moving to the back of the head. Again, this is dictated by the genes parents passed down so check out your mothers or fathers hair to find out how greying is likely to go for you.

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