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Tote On The Turf, Mumbai MATRIX unveils hottest hair colour technique, Color Melting.

Bringing in the hottest hair colour technique to the Indian market, MATRIX, the world’s leading American professional brand has launched Color Melting. The city’s top media and influencers came together for a synesthetic experience when dessert queen Pooja Dhingra curated special desserts for the occasion. Inspired by decadent chocolate and the rich hues of berries, the three shades from The Berry Edition – Caramel Raspberry Melt, Blackberry Melt and Choco Cherry Melt, have been specially adapted to suit Indian skin tones.

Blended seamlessly together to create the ‘melted effect’, this technique mirrors natural hair patterns and shades together. The effect ensures that there is no line of demarcation, making it look completely natural. Whether it is loud and vibrant or subtle and soft, Color Melting is all about combining two or more colours with that flawless melted effect.

MATRIX Education Guru, Melroy Dickson introduced the technique to the audience, placing significance on how this new colour palette will work perfectly for the Indian market. Said Dickson, “In India, colours play a significant role in defining a fashion statement. From make-up to highlights in your hair, colour transforms a plain Jane to a sassy Sally by the stroke of a brush! Wanting to look Insta-perfect is no longer a myth, with Color Melting and berry-inspired shades, you will always have a good hair day!”

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