Best Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair

Who is your favourite muse and why ?

My mother and my wife are immensely supportive of my profession and always encourage me to push my boundaries.

How do you incorporate beauty and hairstyles in your collection and on the ramp?

Hair and make-up are the two most integral aspects of fashion. I keep myself updated with the latest trends in make-up and hair and resort to chic and elegant looks to highlight my collection.

Best Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair Photo Gallery

What are your views on the fashion and beauty industry of India?

India is full of opportunities and is a potential gold mine for beauty and fashion industries. The Indian beauty industry has witnessed significant growth in the recent years. In fashion, while sectors like manufacturing fabric, importing and exporting textiles, embroidery and dyeing are big, it still remains unorganised, as workers and manufacturers are not yet linked to the mainstream industry. In terms of quality, talent, research and innovation, we still have much to prove.

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