The Best of Holiday Hair Accessories

Great question about whether or not you could wear accessories and other and they’re cool and it’s the Harlem and I figured I should let you guys know early in December which areas you should be shopping so that you can get the best ones for the season I pick up some Merry Christmas decor it like both and ornaments and I actually have an entire post coming out on this on Wednesday but I just wanted to put that idea in your brain that you don’t necessarily have to buy light up.

Christmas sweater for a tacky Christmas sweater party you could buy things like this and put it in your hair I hope he’s reindeer antlers with your from a sauce I by the majority of my life and I’m going to be wearing them on Christmas morning, Every year you can expect these okay probably time to be an adult now so let’s talk about some more glamorous hair accessories to the first place to check out is cold Recollection is actually really pretty and really elegant.

The Best of Holiday Hair Accessories Photo Gallery

Stars and the moon and little rhinestones is really really easy to where I think it’s going to make a little appearance in a post I have coming up this way it is no longer online they might have it in store, And this is definitely one that you can keep wearing throughout the year so if you see it in store pick it up another couple favorites or Lauren Conrad I have these cones.

Does your arm or minimal person and you just want a little bit to ask your here there’s a really great option and finally she has some really beautiful headbands my very favorite is this kind of the dazzled star headband, which also has like a cord on it Is on and like tired in the back or you could pull a Kristen us take the cord on the back of your head either way it’s beautiful this looks, so more expensive than it is and it’s elegant and very like a lady like in Whimsical in light all the things I ever want to be in life Accessory Brands now which I really like and every time I walk in their presentation on the accessories is getting better the first recommendation is this Blue Velvet Bow hair elastic you can use this so easily on a ponytail.

Velvet bows so big right now and it’s really so it’s going to be very inexpensive as well and other things that I had to pick up is this beautiful pleated blush satin looking headbands But it’s also very soft and feminine, I think this is another very easy one sister a while And my final place and you guys could probably guess the row my description box is Chloe & Isabel I wanted to share my very favorites with you guys some of these will be making appearances and posts this month.

I wanted to go ahead and check them out early so that it’s not You got Navy and emerald and burgundy and then you have the pearls and their velvet you can wear them all together one day at a time you can do this with bubble funny, Finish a really big pulled apart Are these little pom-poms are they cute it’s one of those old-school like ponytail Can you put 1 through like from the 90s right and you got a little Pom-Pom and you can just like stick it on your head forever.

So being able to just kind of stick this in my hair over its like the perfect amount of 9 days without being over-the-top another does home run out of this line has been the bobby pins says these purple ones I already bought one set of and I bought another set because I using so much.

So you can scatter them throughout the hair I really like them and it’s another thing that can be all seasons long these I feel are a little bit more holiday I mean just for me if Variety again one all of them some of them whatever you want to do We love them and if you get either one of these sets I think you will love it too from Chloe, Isabel are this little it it looks like a doorknob Anyway you can wear this on a ponytail or I word on a flipped chignon and my last post which I thought was really beautiful. Mentioned I trial I’m different ways this is a lot more like you can do it on a ponytail I have to do a flip chart It all Lunch with Chloe and Isabel is this smooth.

Crescent for it I love it I think it’s so beautiful and so it’s very minimal very now and this will can definitely go all year round and those are my hair accessory pics that I think you should check out for some really great hair accessories The tools or whatever always interested to hear and hit that subscribe button so that you’ll be notified every time I post.

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