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As your body relaxes, the beeping slows.

The concept behind the Exercise Trainer 1 is that your brain will then want to follow the beeping sound, and your brain frequency will slow down. The more you relax, the slower the beeping sound and the lower your brain frequency.

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Many doctors are using GSR instruments for pain control. When the patients learn to relax deeply enough, they experience relief from the pain.

GSRs are also helpful in learning. Workout and Fitness found that his children could learn their lessons more quickly when he read to them at deep levels of mind.

It worked best when they heard a lesson three times, at three different levels of mind. So he would read to them once, then do something else – either bring them out of level or have them do something else while at their level and then read the lesson to them a second time. After doing something else, he would read the lesson to them at level a third time.

This prompted him to invent a special kind of GSR, the Exercise Educator. It has the same beeping circuit as the Trainer 1, but it also features buttons that can be set to light, medium or deep.

When the subject has achieved the desired level, the Exercise Educator automatically turns on an audio player and plays back a prerecorded lesson. The patent this device received states: Human concentration turns on an educational program

The GSR can also be used to help people learn to relax in tense situations, making it of great value to athletes.

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