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If you have decided to go for it and get your tongue pierced, then you will be eager to try it out on someone. My advice would be to refrain and wait a bit. Your tongue needs time to heal (at least a week and a half), and if the person you are kissing has the tiniest infection, you are likely to catch it. The human mouth is a very dirty place, and your piercing can get infected very easily.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to put a rubber ball over your metal stud as much as you can, especially at night when nobody sees it anyway. Metal barbells may chip your teeth, especially if the piercing is further forward in your mouth. Also, you will tend to play with it a lot because it is a foreign object in your mouth and you will do it without thinking, causing tooth chippage. These rubber add-ons are cheap, and it is in your best interest to pay a little now rather than a lot later for a dentist bill. Recapping chipped tooth enamel is very expensive.

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No matter how easy and tough you are, you should never pierce yourself. The tongue is an integral as well as a very dirty part of the body. You can’t afford to take risks with your tongue given the very important role it plays. There are so many blood vessels and veins in your tongue that if you puncture one then you could seriously injure yourself, or even die from blood loss. Go to a professional parlor where the staff are professionals. Don’t just think they choose a spot on your tongue and go for it. They know the tongue’s anatomy well and how to position the piercing properly. They also have proper, sterilized equipment and the experience to do this kind of job properly.

If you do decide to get your tongue pierced, then you will need to be particular and choose someone that has been recommended to you and has a good reputation. It is better to pay more for a good safe piercing than to save money and go for a botched job with infections. If you choose to go cheap, you may have to pay a doctor’s fee at the end, anyway! A cheap piercer may be saving money by re-using equipment, sourcing inferior equipment, and not keeping it sterile.

Make sure the piercer makes you clean your mouth out with Listerine or a mouth cleanser before he or she pierces your tongue, in order to kill off as many germs as possible. Remember that there will be an open wound in your mouth, and you don’t want an infection. Visually inspect the piercer’s working area: it is clean, professional, and organized? The work space will often reflect his or her work ethic.

Follow all cleaning instructions. If you don’t, you are likely to get an infection, which may result in you having to remove your piercing. It may hurt a little at the start, but it is more uncomfortable than painful, and after three days the uncomfortable feeling will just about be gone. An infection will be incredibly painful and it will be difficult to eat as well as swallow.

If you have never kissed anyone with a piercing before, and you are thinking about getting it done, you should kiss someone with a piercing so you can to see how it feels. This is how it is going to feel for others if you get it done. Also, remember how you were intrigued by it before you kissed them, and you will soon see what all the fuss is about.

Essentially, it is a personal choice, and one that many people will have different opinions about. But if it is something that you really want, make the necessary inquiries and get all the information you need. The wonderful thing about piercings is that if you decide later that you no longer want it, you can remove it and the hole will grow back over.

To conclude, the most important message I can leave you with is this: don’t be afraid to experiment. Life, and especially kissing, should be about experimentation and fun. That and plenty of practice, of course.

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