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Hey Everyone kill you here with my January favorites. I am. So excited to be back, and replacing my product review today with my product favorites of the last month, and these are actually for the past couple of months. Because. I haven’t done a monthly favorites in a little while sorry about that but, I’ll back and, I’ll here to show you guys all my favorite things from the past couple months on the make up front, I’ve been wearing lots of statement lips clearly not right now but normally, I’ve been wearing a lot of statement lips, and these have been my go-to for that over the past couple of months throughout the holiday season these were all my lips almost constantly. And I love them they’re the NYX matte lipsticks which have an incredible formula they just go on really nicely, and smoothly, and they’re matte without being like dry cracked Sahara Desert matte they’re just very pretty um, and they have amazing colors this one is pure red it is your just typical vamp not vampy your typical like pinup e bright red that has a matte finish to it. So it’s very retro, and then you have Alabama which is it’s kind of a brownish wine color almost, I’ve Instagram this one a ton. So if you want to go see it in action it’s on my Instagram page, and then indie flick. I have not worn as much it’s a little bit of a brighter um kind of more strawberry red. And I think it’s going to be a little better for springtime in summer. So I haven’t quite popped that one out yet but these two pure red, and Alabama.

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I have just been loving they’re amazing, and if you like me love red lips, and you love wearing matte lipsticks as well these are a really good option out there, and they’re only about or bucks which is awesome as well um. So you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a great red lipstick all the days when. I don’t wear a saving look. I wear a nude lip, and my favorites for that number one have been the Too Faced la cr¨me lipstick, and naked dolly it’s just a perfect nude color it’s got the tiniest hint of pink to it but like literally the tiniest tank, and it’s mostly just a very neutral color, and normally stuff like this makes me look dead but for whatever reason when. I put this one on it looks really nice other nude combination has been the Urban Decay revolution lipstick, and the color naked which is a kind of neutral pink this one is much pink the naked dahlias those names are. So funny but it’s a little bit more pink, and on me it looks fairly pink just. Because, I’ll rather fair. I think on somebody with a little bit deeper skin it would look a little bit more neutral, and then. I wear it paired with baby’s breath by flower beauty the is a really pretty light pink lip gloss it kind of tones this one down. So it makes it look a little bit lighter a little bit closer to my skin tone. I guess, and this one. I love the formula of this as well it’s not sticky it’s nicely opaque it’s opaque enough to look good but not. So much that it’s basically a liquid lipstick if that makes any sense um, and it wears well throughout the day it’s a great inexpensive option, and blend of this color it’s. So pretty third favorite this has been a favorite of the past like three or four months. And I keep forgetting to talk about it, and it’s the Game brow by benefit it’s a brow gel. I used to use clear mascara all the time but. I didn’t like completely how that looked. Because it kind of made each a little hair look a little bit shiny if that makes any sense, and it was just a kind of weird effect on my eyebrows this one is a nice gel formula, and it has false fibers in it. So it makes your brows appear a bit more full which is nice for me. Because. I have some sparse areas, and my brows right in the front, and then. I have a scarf through this one right here.

So. I can build this up, and make my hair in those areas look a little bit thicker which is nice. I might don’t always do that but if. I want to it’s nice to have that option my final favorite is the NYX slide on glide on pencil, and jet black tie is the one that, I’ll using right now the is the full size. So you can tell a little bit of a difference, I’ve been using this one quite a bit, and it’s my favorite black eyeliner of any formula of any price point ever like it’s amazing. And I have us comparing this one to urban decay, and makeup forever, and it works. So much better it’s much blacker it’s much more opaque, and it lasts just as well if not longer than those more expensive ones. So the next slide on glide on pencils is where it’s at. I really die all sexy hairspray clay. I love this stuff. I have used it almost every day in January. I don’t know like. I guess. I was just going for like the tousled curls a lot of the days that. I was doing my hair. So I just love this stuff. And I don’t know like. I loved it when. I first got. And I didn’t use it for a while, and then. I just like hardcore fell in love with it, and January, and used it Santa. So anyway. I have a whole review a post on this one which. I will link in the description box, and you can check that out if you’re interested but it’s just a phenomenal product it basically magnifies your hair but it’s also a hairspray. So it mattifies, and that’s hold to your hair, and you can build it up to have super texture eyes hair or you can use just a little bit of it like. I did today for just kind of a slightly more messy more volume eyes look it’s super versatile, and it works really well by the is a cult favorite among us Beauty girls on YouTube, and it’s the macadamia natural oil deep repair mask. I used this a couple years ago. I didn’t really like it. And I don’t know what’s changed since then. I think part of it is that my hair just has more damage on it at this point. I Heat’s a litte more than. I used to it’s colored now the place where. I live has more hard water which actually dries your hair out more than soft water does. So just all of those things my hair just needs more TLC. So I decided to try this just give it a second try see if. I liked it better. And I really liked it umm. So it’s become a new favorite of mine. I might do a review on it if you guys are interested it is a cult product. So it might be worth like going in-depth over but just in general.

I think it’s really good it is expensive, and there are definitely good budget-friendly options out there. So if the isn’t in your price point there’s a lot of great options out there that aren’t as expensive as this one is but if you’re interested it really is a good product it smells good it works great. And I just like it final Heric favorite is a hair tool, and the is the Remington straightened the is from the drugstore it’s only it has ceramic floating plates floating these that it moves, and it’s amazing it works really well. And I think. I need to do a review post of this one as well just describing all of its features showing it an action that kind of thing. I haven’t tried it on anybody with extremely curly hair. I think that’s my next thing is to track down somebody that has really curly hair, and let me try this on them but on me it’s worked really well to get like curls like this which is what, I’ve been using it for a lot it works really well for that and, I’ve just been loving it, and using it constantly. So of course. I need to test it on somebody that has more thick curly hair than me but for me it’s been amazing, and this one, I’ll going to do two random favorites just cut. I feel like it my first one is Katy Perry’s killer queen. I really like this, I’ll completely aware that celebrity scents are supposed to be cheesy, and you’re not supposed to like them or whatever but oh my gosh. I love how this smells it’s basically like a berry blend with a tiny bit of spice to it. And I really like it the kind of stuff. I usually wear it usually wear a lot of like you see could sure like viva la juicy, and the juicy cachoeira Fleur one or whatever that one was called La Fleur, and yeah lots of really sweet fruity sets very girly very young and, I’ll just kind of over the last couple months kind of been like alright maybe. I should mature a little bit with the sense that, I’ll wearing maybe.

I should just like take a venture out of like the sweet fruity round, and maybe just like go into something that’s a little deeper. So this was my very small baby step away from the sweet fruity set it’s good it’s still fruity but it’s a lot less sweet. And I really like it. I think it’s gotten really well with um just winter in general cut it’s a little bit deeper. And I just really like how it smells. And I think it’s really great, and you should smell it whenever you get a chance to. Because it’s awesome. So my next favorite is a jewelry favorite. And I haven’t ever done one of these. I don’t think but, I’ve worn this almost like every single week at least once a week since. I got it, and it’s from jewel mint. I think it’s called after dark the necklaces. I don’t really remember. I know they have a silver one on their website right now the gold one might be sold out sorry but. I really love it’s got all this intricate really intricate but it’s details metal working here, and it’s like a cool little hinge, and it’s just an interesting shape, and design. I really like the little stone at the end, and the little tiny purple diamond D things that are right here, and it’s actually ended up being kind of a good conversation starting piece which. I didn’t really think it would be but it’s been really cool. I wear it quite often especially in the salon like when, I’ll just throwing all my black clothes on and, I’ll like alright. I need a statement necklace this usually what. I go for. So, I’ve really been liking it’s kind of different from your normal like umber sparkly statement necklace but it’s a lot of fun. And I can play with it. And I just like it. So I thought. I would mention it then my January favorites. I hope you guys have enjoyed this leave me a comment with your favorite products from January Id love to hear about it especially if it’s a drugstore hair product. Because. I am like super into trying out new hair stuff right now. And I would totally love to hear what you’re loving from the drugstore or if it’s not drugstore whatever you’re loving. I would hear about it alright. I will see you guys in my next post well bye.

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