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In addition to carrying out many treatments for hyperpigmentation on legs, arms and hands‚, Quandt says what clients are primarily looking for from body treatments is a skin-tightening effect‚. Cass similarly reports that two of the most important body concerns for clients to address with cosmeceutical products and treatments are loss of elasticity and photo damage -because they perhaps protected their face better than their body from the sun in earlier years, which has led to age spots on the body‚.

Lorna Bowes, director of Aesthetic Source, which distributes cosmeceutical brands Exuviance and NeoStrata in the UK, explains that, in her experience, consumers have a different overall attitude to treating the body. Something I find fascinating is that people are looking for a much more immediate change when it comes to the body, ‚ she says.

On the face, they want to talk about skin health and long-term anti-ageing, and that also applies to the neck, decolletage and hands, but for the rest of the body, they just want their skin to look better immediately. ? Biller points to cellulite, sagging skin, fat reduction and improving the general condition of the skin, ‚ as key priorities, while Puttick says that body concerns RegimA clients often seek to correct include stretch marks, scarring and pigmentation‚.

One significant difference between face and body care is, Cass says, the amount people are willing to spend on products.

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There is a definite cut-off point for mass-market body products, which is interesting, and we find that point to be about ‚£40-‚£50, ‚ she says. The reason, she believes, is that cosmeceutical-grade ranges are not generally high-street brands, which means they don't have that same brand equity that, for example, some of the professional spa brands have‚.

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