Best Oscars Celebrity Makeup, Skin Care Routine 2018

How Celebrities Prepare For The Oscars Red Carpet

This is where Im going to get naked. Hey guys, its Mi-Anne and this is Beauty With Mi. Todays a little bit different because Im going to be bringing you along post style as I get ready, for an award show like a celebrity would. So I actually found out a few things that celebrities obviously do and Im going to be doing a couple of those things today. I will be going to the Joanna Vargas spa in New York. That spa has actually prepped a ton of different celebrities for awards shows including Betty Gilpin, Dakota Johnson, Emma Roberts, Greta Gerwig, Mandy Moore, Maggie Gyllenhaal the list goes on. And Im seeing her head esthetician there her name is Sara. Shes going to be doing the full body detox peel on me, which basically gets your skin prepped for photography and the red carpet for events. So Im going to go over there right now and afterward Im actually going to have a glam squad getting my hair and makeup done, potentially in the likeness of Margot Robbie because she is one of my favorites to read on the red carpet. So I think it will be a very fun day. I will see you at the spa. Bye! Im here with Sara shes the head esthetician here at the Joanna Vargas spa and were going to do the full body detox peel today. Awesome. Cant wait.

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Im really excited. Me too. Im excited for my body to be glowing after this. Perfect. Should we start? Lets start. Okay cool! So this is the first step in the full body detox and its the micro-germ aberration. So it really preps the skin to receive the hydration. Its main purpose is exfoliation and its using the crystal tipped wand. To get off the dead skin cells and suck them away so that everything is nice and smooth and even and it leaves the whole body feeling baby soft. The next step were going to do is coconut oil based. So inside the ball is the coconut flakes and were able to infuse them into the skin. Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory, its antibacterial, its not greasy its very light. And the way we’re infusing it in you could literally get off the bed and get dressed and be ready for an event or real life. That was amazing. I can totally see why so many celebrities do this before the red carpet, Yeah. Because it makes your skin look so even.

Top Stars Reveal How They Prep for the Red Carpet

And its great thing because you do it so fast it was one hour. One hour. And theres no recovery time. My skin feels so smooth, I honestly dont think my skin has ever felt this smooth before. Im so happy. I didnt know it was possible. Yeah youre red carpet ready. Hey guys so I am back at work I am just in our studio but I have just came out the full detox body peel at Joanna Vargas and my skin feels so good. I was a little bit worried that it would hurt but it actually just felt like very gentle sandpaper kinda gliding over my skin. I really liked the experience it was very relaxing but it is not cheap its $250 plus to get the peel. If you cant get to Joannas spa or if you simply dont want to drop $200 on a treatment which I dont blame you. You can try using some stuff at home that can give you a nice body buffing but wont necessarily cost as much. Ive been really loving this body scrub lately its a new one from Dove. Its called the exfoliating body polish and this one is in the crush macadamia and rice milk set it smells really good. And what I like about this body scrub is that rather than just being like sugar and walnut in an oil, its actually in this really creamy mixture that doesnt leave a greasy residue on your skin. So you can put it on and you can scrub it on it, it feels very smooth.

How the Stars Get Red-Carpet Ready

Its not too abrasive and when you rinse it off it rinses off super easily. It doesnt leave an oily residue on your skin and it also doesnt leave an oily ring around your bathtub which a lot of scrubs can do. Now that my skin is prepped Im going to actually have a glam squad come in and do my hair and makeup so Im very excited about that. I will see you guys when they get here. Hi! Everyone say hi! Hi. Im here with Lauren and Vanessa they’re the founders of a New York City salon called House of Lava. Vanessa over here “ Hey! “ is going to be doing my hair and makeup today accompanied by the lovely Lauren and Natasha. Were going to do a look that Margot Robbie wore to the Golden Globes this year. Its super pretty, has a beautiful Hollywood wave and natural makeup. I never do my hair like that so Im very excited to see how I look and were going to get started now. This is the finished look. I love the hair, and the lip is perfect. Am I Margot Robbie? Thank you. Thank you ladies. Hey guys, so Im at home Im with Colin, say hi. Dope.

And we are sitting down about to read the Oscars because sadly my day as a celebrity has come to an end and Im not attending the Oscars, Im actually just at home just in my sheep robe that says Off to sheep we go. Hanging out with our cat. Chill night in, but it was really fun getting ready like a celebrity this day was unreal. Having the body peel was amazing. It was super relaxing, getting my hair and makeup done was really fun. Although I will say I do like doing my makeup myself. Even if I were to go to an award show I think I would want to do my own makeup just because I love makeup that much. But hair wise, Im no hair professional and having someone do something on me that was a little bit out of my comfort zone was really fun. I never do this slick kind of smoother hair style so that was really fun. I definitely learned some things from Vanessa. Let me know what you guys think of the look and the treatment down in the comments below. And let me know if there any other celebrities that you guys look to for the red carpet inspiration. Because Margot Robbie was definitely one of those for me. So thanks so much for coming along on the journey it was very fun and Ill catch you guys next week. Bye! Smell the ball. Smell the ball.

Smell the ball. Its so good. It smells so good. I know, the balls are amazing. Thanks so much for reading guys let me know what you want to see next on Beauty With Mi in the comments down below. And click on comment button to comment to my blog. And click on comment button to read my last post where I got facial acupuncture. Bye!.

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