Beyoncé Countdown Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys, this is a tutorial inspired by Beyonce’s newest music post called countdown and this is the first makeup look she sported in the post, if you want to get this look – then keep on reading first off prime your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer here. I’m using Urban Decay’s primer potion then you want to use your ring finger and blend the product out for a white sticky base. I’m using my NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk. And

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I’m only going to apply this to the inner corner of my eyes blend out the product again with your fingers for my eyes. I’m going to use my 120 eyeshadow palette from BH Cosmetics and this is the 3rd edition which comes with neutral colors as well as bright colors from the colorful palette. I’m going to pick up this yellow color with my pencil brush. And I’m going to place that right over the white base with another eyeshadow brush pick up the yellow color again and apply this all over your lids closest to your lashline use a slight ivory color and apply a rec below your brows this will give it an instant lift and it will also make your look look cleaner with the same brush go in with two orange shades and mix in then apply it right over the yellow color try to blend very well and create a nice gradient go to the neutral palette and pick up two Browns look for the lightest Browns. So I’m mixing these two and you want to grab a fluffy brush and deposit that Brown right and your crease blending it over the orange color and make sure to blend well. So that it looks natural with a pencil brush pick up a darker brown color and apply this right in the crease this will give you the illusion of deeper set eyes just like Beyonce’s with the shore shader brush pick up a duck brown color and apply it right to underneath your lash line and this will define it even more then go on with a light brown color and apply it right below that darker Brown this will soften up the look and smoke it out to brighten the eyes line your waterline with a white liner then grab a black eyeliner pencil and just define your eyes even more by drawing the line underneath the whites and now on to the most important step of this makeup look the liquid eyeliner start out with a really thin line or the inner corner of your eyes and gradually make the line thicker as you go towards the outer corner and then create a wing now that you’re done curl your lashes and apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes now.

I’m going to use two false lashes one full one and one half one and my lash grip adhesive glue apply the longer one first and then the little one on the outer corner of your eyes and this is the completed eye makeup look now moving on to face first. I’m going to contour the hollows of my cheeks with my NYC sunny bronzer to contour my nose. I’m going to use my ELF blending brush. And I’m going to apply some of the bronzer right on the sides of my nose this will give me the illusion of a higher bridge the perfect blush for this look has got to be my physicians formula blush and natural it really gives my cheeks of pink and healthy glow and now moving on to lipstick Oh eNOS speed. And I love this color this is Revlon’s lipstick and pink about it and it’s the only bright pink that I can pull off and it goes with my skin tone surprisingly even though it’s really bright and to give it a glossy look. I’m going to use my matte gloss.

And I don’t remember what this one is this discontinued. But I used to Claire side just to add a bit of shine to my lips since the lipstick was matte wipe off some of the excess lip gloss and you’re done don’t you guys just love the blush I used in this post this is the Physicians Formula blush and it’s really cute. Because it’s got hearts and it’s also the perfect color for almost any skin tone. And I do happen to have another one that’s new in box. And I would love to give it away. So, if you guys would like to in it follow these rules thanks so much for reading. And I’ll talk to you in another post bye.

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