Beyonce’s Beauty Secrets

With Beyonce’s ‘look well, not done’ ethos, you’ll want to be taken to the River Aesthetics clinic.

DR CHARLOTTE WOODWARD AND DR VICTORIA MANNING – ONE OF THE FEW GP-RUN COSMETIC TEAMS – HAVE BEEN MAKING WAVES IN THE INDUSTRY. With over 45 years’ combined experience, their clinic River Aesthetics has been awarded ‘Elite Status’, having been recognised as one of the top 10 UK super facialist centres, and has an enviably long client list. You can bank on the ‘dynamic duo’ to give both glamorous company, and subtle, effective results.

Beyonce’s Beauty Secrets Photo Gallery

RIVERLIFT™ This unique signature Beyonce’s treatment has garnered rather a lot of press, and for all the right reasons. Restoring facial volume, and gently blurring the signs of ageing, the RiverLIFT™ is a winning combination of innovative thread technologies and dermal filler techniques that completely rejuvenate the skin.

Careful placement of threads that dissolve naturally in the body over time stimulates collagen production, causing a subtle yet effective lift. Without the invasive nature of surgery, recovery time is reduced and there’s no scarring. There’s no harm in letting everyone think your newfound buoyancy is down to marital bliss – keep the little helping hand from River Aesthetics to yourself.

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