Black African Hairstyles

Moisturize your hair using any daily-use moisturizer and a sealant to ensure that your hair does not become dry and brittle. Removing the braids will be easier and painless when the time comes. The same applies to twists, cornrows, threading and any other similar style.

Use a soft brush to tidy the edges of your hair daily and untangle the new growth of hair as it emerges. This gives the hair a cared for and defined appearance.

Wash your hair at least once every two weeks (weekly is better) to get lint and grime out following the directions in the Natural cleansing and conditioning.

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Do not allow the dirt and grime to build up on your hair until it gets itchy and you begin to scratch – scratching can cause injury to the scalp and the hair follicles and infection may follow.

Itching? Most people experience some itchiness when hair is braided or twisted. Don't ignore it. It usually means your scalp needs moisture, stimulation, or cleaning. Itchiness that is not addressed leads to scratching and scratching for long periods can graze the scalp and even result in wounds.

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