Black American Hairstyles

If you choose to color your hair permanently always allow a professional hairdresser to help you.

Hair color should complement your skin tone and enhance your features. The wrong hair color can make you look unnatural and tired or ill. The color that works for you is normally in the same range as your natural hair color – nature knows a thing or two about coordination.

Color rinses and semi-permanent colors are gentler on the hair and will not change the texture dramatically or dry it out.

Life changes affect hair growth and quality.

Throughout life the quality of our natural hair will go through changes in its structure. Changes in the levels of body hormones is one of the main causes of this change and it affects how fast hair grows, and the quality of the hair and may even include hair loss.

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Puberty and the teenage years, pregnancy and menopause will all affect how your hair grows and that is one of the reasons why it is important to have a regular health check every year – make sure your body is working as well as possible at every stage, even as it grows and changes. It is often the micronutrients that get ignored rather than the basics yet all nutrients play important roles in hair health.

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