In the summer months, there are higher levels of humidity and pollution in the air, so hair should be washed and conditioned more frequently using a good detox shampoo, which will clean the hair gently without stripping away natural oils.


Instead of focusing on my own plans and assignments, I was spending hours researching, reading and reviewing their projects. I would make excuses that I was learning from my peers and staying connected, but really, I had the wrong motives.

One morning, during my journaling time, I heard God speak to me, saying, Rainie, you can easily become distracted by following and watching what others are doing. But I‚ „ve called you to something different. Nothing I call you to will be forced. It will flow and be purposeful. It will have meaning and purpose. You won‚ „t have time to see what others are doing in their ministries, because you will be too focused on yours. Rainie, stay committed to the work you have to complete. It‚ „s going to help heal you to know you are enough. After I received that message from God, I felt led to stop following the people I was comparing myself to on social media and start committing to my work and God‚ „s calling for my life. I became more disciplined in my daily assignments and focused on my own strategies, goals and accomplishments. Today, I live by the slogan, I am staying in my lane. I‚ „ve decided to embrace my calling and stay in the lane God has prepared before me. I no longer covet others‚ „ successes, but I rejoice in their victories and joyfully maintain mine with gratitude.

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