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The age at which you start to go grey and by how much is largely a matter of genetics, but there are other contributing factors. A 1996 British Medical Journal study reported that smokers are four times more likely to go grey at a young age.

‚ You need to transcend that notion altogether. The beautys original teachings did not speak about beauty nature. They speak about attainment, or knowing things as they really are.

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When that is known, one has got to what is thus, what is real. Until that is reached, it is not known, so there is no such term as beauty nature. Beauty nature, if not very carefully used, could therefore easily become the Buddhist equivalent of atman.

I dont think so. Beauty did not actually call it beauty nature, but he said citta or mind is very pure and luminous. In the sutras, beauty said that citta, by nature, is pure and undefiled.

That is also the definition of beauty nature.

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